Sunday, November 30, 2008

Back to the Grind

Oooh I dread going back to work tomorrow after such a nice long break. There are really not enough Thurs/Fri holidays in the year. I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. We had a great weekend. It started with getting out of work early on Wed, which is always nice! Thursday morning I met Sara for a frozen 6 mile hill run at South Chagrin reservation. Then G and I headed to his dad's house for turkey day. That night we chilled out and watched a movie with the dogs, The Golden Compass, it wasn't very good. Friday I ran a bunch of errands while G was working and got a lot of Xmas presents done. I also took the puppy to Petco to work on his confidence (This puppy is a nervous nelly), he pooped in my car on the way there and puked on the way home, fun, fun! That afternoon Sara and I went to see the move Twilight. It was laughably horrible and I was hugely disappointed as I loved the book series. Friday night we went to a fundraiser for the family of one of G's friends that passed away. Sat we started the day with puppy class. Little Fonzie was the best behaved dog there, no jumping and barking and wigging out. He just leaned against our legs and took it all in. A few people commented on how jealous they were of how good our pup was, little did they know, he's great, until left alone, hello separation anxiety, although hes doing much better. This morning I met Sara and Sherri and North Chagrin and we had a muddy 5 miler then breakfast at YT. That was super fun, I hadn't seen my friend Sherri in way too long. Then Sara and I went to see another movie (yes I love movies!) Four Christmas', it was really cute and I enjoyed it. Now I am sitting here getting ready to finish up my book club book (Falling Through the Earth) and hanging with the pups, dreading going to work, ugh.


Just Josh Funk said...

Hey! It sounds like you guys had a nice, busy weekend. Good for you for getting some Christmas shopping done. I need to get on it! Good luck getting back to work!


Sarah said...

Oh I was totally disappointed with Twilight in comparison to the book. Maybe if I hadn't read them first. But I am IN LOVE with those books and read all 4 in like 2 weeks.

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