Friday, November 21, 2008

Finally Friday

Hi Bloggy friends! We are getting a snowstorm here in Cleveland today. Boo. We are supposed to get about a foot before the end of the day. My commute to work was no issue, but going home sure will be. I am dog sitting for a friend Fri – Mon and she lives right in the snowbelt. So I am in for a hell of a weekend b/c I will have to go back and forth between her house and mine a lot due to the puppy and Gary’s weekend work schedule. I am not anticipating the next few days being very fun!

On the puppy front; Fonzil really is a sweet dog and I know things will be fine, but the housebreaking isn’t going too well. He also seems to have some anxiety induced crate pooping which will be a big issue once Gary is back to his normal work schedule and the poor pup is stuck in the crate for 7 hours. But we are doing what we can to work through it.

I am still sick and just can’t even believe it. Although I am better than I was for sure. My real problem is that I get up with the puppy in the middle of the night, which is fine, but I cannot fall back asleep. I do not know if it’s due to my cold, or the pregnancy or what it is. But it’s making me feel pretty damn run down. I didn’t work out Tues or Wed, but I wanted to redeem this week, so I pulled out my slim in six DVD last night and did the 45 min DVD. It’s actually a great workout, lots of lunges, squats and pushups. I am sore today. I plan to run Sat & Sun for sure. My running has really taken a hit this last month.

I am going to see Twilight this weekend and am totally geeked. Yes I am a child.


triguyjt said...

just attach a bag to fonzis butt and save yourself the trouble....

just kidding...
have a great weekend

Just Josh Funk said...

I'm sorry to hear your still feeling like poo. I hope you get better soon.

Poor Fonzi. You know he'll get better with time. You've been through this before. How are the other pets adjusting to him? How are they adjusting to life without Taiko?

Have fun at the movies!!


Trishie said...

Twilight was so good! I <3 Edward. Sorry you are feeling sick :(

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