Monday, November 24, 2008

Modest Mouse

Well we have a modest baby and it didn’t want to show off it’s stuff today. So, we have no idea what we are having despite an hour long u/s today. Oh well, I can’t be too disappointed, all the limbs and fingers & toes were there. Baby opened its mouth and closed it for us and the brain, spine and organs look good. The baby sure is crammed in there. To me it looks like it has really long legs and big feet, just like daddy, but what do I know! It was fun to see the baby for that long, but frustrating that we didn’t get to find out.


Mike said...

No worries! Sounds like everything is perfect, glad to hear everyone plus baby is doing well! Good luck with everything else!

Just Josh Funk said...

That's funny. It's modest? I guess it's nothing like it's mother! :) I'm glad to hear everything else is going well.

allanjel said...

You know it's probably a girl! I have never a met a boy too shy to strut his stuff...haha!!

DaisyDuc said...

Hmmm, more suspense!!! We better take our bets here soon!

Steve Stenzel said...

It's just good to know that he/she is healthy!!! Good luck!!!

Trishie said...

Good to hear that the baby is healthy -- sucks that you couldn't find out the sex though ... will you have another u/s?

GP said...

Aww, no Rockette kicking for the camera? Maybe next time. But, like you said, so long as the rest is there, it's A-OK!

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