Friday, March 27, 2009

Closer, Closer

What's happening bloggy friends? I have been thinking a lot about a good title for this blog, but can't come up with anything. I am going to work on my redesign soon b/c I doubt that I will have time when the baby is here. If anyone knows of any good sites to get html skins from let me know.

I am 36 weeks pregnant and miserable. For reals. I must say that the first 8 months of my pregnancy were pretty pleasant, it made me think it was no big deal to be preggo. Then things got a little funky between weeks 32 and 35, but for the last week I have just felt down right awful. My hips are popping out of socket, my back hurts, my legs and feet are swollen with extra fluid that has started to come in to prepare my body for labor. I am having practice contractions, my head is stopped up, I don't know if I am going to throw up or poop my pants, my boobs are all hot and itchy, none of my clothes fit. It's a good time let me tell you (insert sarcasm). I have such a hard time believing I will make it to my due date April 22. I have all the symptoms of pre labor. But pre labor can last weeks, a month even. Statistically most first timers are a week late. So, there you go. The odds are against me. Plus I have found out that I am measuring small and the baby is on the small side, so I really don't want to go early now. But I wish I could just stay home and not be at work. To say that I am irratable would be putting it mildly :) I can't wait for next Wed, just to be in the month of April will be a relief.


cdnhollywood said...

Lots of places to find templates for blogger - just Google "blogger skins for free" and you'll get a pile.

Hang on with the pregnancy! You're almost there! As for being "crabby" - you can be. You're a mom now (yes, even now) and you can do what you damn well please.

Or so I'm told. :P

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