Monday, March 30, 2009

Possible new running buddy!

I posted a lonnnnggg time about my sister and brother in law and their amazing weight loss journey. Anyone remember that, they were actually on the Today show b/c they lost a combined total of like 300 lbs. Both have done great jobs keeping it off and changing their lifestlye. Especially the brother in law Tim, he is like a new man. He now loves to work out and is a total food nazi, don't get anything near him with high fructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated oil in it people! Well, anyway they both lost the weight without a ton of working out, mostly just food changes. But he started going to the gym pretty religiously a year or so ago and she started working out in the last 6 months and is loving Zumba and pilates classes. I am so proud of them both, but Tim, Tim is running! Yes running! He can now run 3 miles at a time with no issue. My sister emailed me today and said he mentioned something about maybe doing a marathon someday. I'm sure he could. I suggested a half for him to give a shot. So I have my fingers crossed that he will join me for a fall half marathon in my neck of the woods. I am super geeked to help him tailor a running plan and stay motivated and it will help me b/c I will be starting over basically and it'll be a long road from baby to half marathon considering I have run consistently since Jan (the horror!). I suggested the Cleveland Clinic River run, Towpath Half or Fall Classic. hope I can get him on board.

And just because:


triguyjt said...

hey...thats awesome about him wanting to do a marathon...

hope you're feeling well

Trishie said...

that's awesome, monica! and I <3 the new bloggy design - it's adorable .

Lora said...

That's great about both of their weight loss and about his interest in running. Hope you guys can do that half together!

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