Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's in a name?

I have names on the brain. Do any of your bloggy friend have any good girl names you want to suggest? We aren’t going to pick our daughter’s name until we meet her. But I am keeping a short list and am sooooo open to suggestions b/c I am in not in love with any of them: Elanore, Ruby, Adelaide, Mallory, Lillian, Violet, Chole or Zoe. Names Gary vetoed that I love – Piper, Roxy and Harlow. Oh well.

Also – I have been maintaining 2 blogs for awhile, this one and a baby specific one. Obviously I haven’t been updating this one very much, but after the baby I plan to abandon the baby blog and come back to this one to chronicle my battle to get back in shape. Unfortunately I have not maintained my fitness level at all and will have a lot of work to do. Anyone have a good suggestion for a new blog name? I won’t be changing the address, too much trouble, but will change my masthead. Something about being a mom, running, getting in shape, etc….

I am actually really geeked to get started on my weight loss. I know while I am nursing I won’t be able to diet per say, but I will be able to overhaul my eating. I shouldn’t have been eating so badly as it is, but unfortunately cereal, grilled cheeses, peanut butter sandwiches and ice cream are the only things that really taste good to me anymore! Vegetables and I do not get along, most make me physically gag. So I am looking very forward to getting back to protein smoothies for breakfast, big salads for lunch, eating 3 meals and 3 snacks, etc. Not to mention sweaty workouts. But I found the most perfect snack at the store this weekend. It’s a little pricey, but so good I still plan to stock up. I only bought it b/c it was on sale for $1 a pop, it’s more like $1.50 when not on sale. I tried the lemon verbena and cucumber dill and both were delicious!


Christine said...

Right now I'm at a pediatrics hospital so everyday I look down the list on the schedule at all the names. It definitely gives me an idea of what is WAYYY too popular (mckenzie,ava, etc).

My favorite girls name is Kinsley..I think Ansley is cute too.Ive never seen them on the schedule once!hahaI also like Brielle! Hope this helps :)

Kim said...

I favor "Elanor" the spelling is right out of the Lords of the Ring Trilogy.

justjoshfunk1 said...

I like the names you picked out, except for Adelaide and Zoe. I had a lunch lady named Adelaide, and a friend of mine had a boston terrier named Zoe. Not that that really matters to you - unless you want your daughter to be a lunch lady. :)

Did you nix Stella? I love that name. I'm drawing a blank on any others right now, but I know you'll come up with the perfect one.

I hope you still blog about the baby once you delete the other blog. I'll be so curious to hear all about her.

Are you registered anywhere? I can't remember.

Have a great day!

Love, Josh

Trishie said...

I love the name Katherine/ Katie. I know it's not unique/ uncommon but I think it's such a pretty name.

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