Monday, December 22, 2008

22 weeks

Sooo how is this pregnancy thing going? Am I getting huge? Judge for yourself.

Not too bad? I have gained a little more than I would have wanted so far, but I think it will all even out. I can't say that I haven't eaten like a crazy women for the last 5 months b/c I kinda have! Que sera. I did get in 4 good workouts last week and worked out yesterday, so 1 so far this week. I hope to get in 6 workouts a week, but am likely not to hit that goal until after Xmas. I was supposed to run outside after work, but it is cold ya'll, so I think I will retreat to the safety of a spin class instead.

I can't believe it's Xmas already. I really don't feel very Xmasy this year. Here is a funny pic from last night, I caught the dogs sleeping this way, took a pic, and then rotated Fonzi as no one should be sleeping with a butt on their forehead. What a little Butthead.


DaisyDuc said...

Haha, that pic was funny!

Trishie said...

not huge - adorable! love the baby bump. poor pup! (then again, one of my cats licks another one of hte cat's butts...sooo)

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