Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back on the wagon

Okay I started this week off right. I marched my ever expanding arse to Urban Active and got signed up. Of course the prices the guy gave me last time are now (2 weeks later!) completely defunk and I had to argue and threaten to leave, but finally the guy relented and let me sign up monthly for 29 with no initiation fee. When I first sat down he told me I was going to have to pay a $235 initiation fee, who agrees to that! We decided not to do the up front family deal right now (although we could've of anyway b/c it's not valid starting in DEC) b/c Gary isn't going to have time to work out while doing all the home renovations he's working on. So I joined for now, later we'll go to a family deal. I had a great first workout. I did a circuit and probably used weights heavier than I should of, I'll feel it tomorrow I am sure. Then I did 40 mins of cardio. 20 on the treadmill and 20 on the ET. Running isn't really going very well for me. I think it's b/c my placenta is below the baby (which isn't normal for you non baby people) so I get more pressure against my bladder than most running momma's. I don't know, it's just not much fun and uncomfortable. I hope that I am able to continue to run 2-3 miles a few times a week b/c I am so scared to completely lose my running ability. But if it keeps up like this, I may be on the ET the rest of this pregnancy. But I guess in the long run if I take 6 months off of running it won't be the end of the world.

After my workout, I went home and got cleaned up and picked up Tracie. We headed to Jen's for a nice little get together of gals from the tri club. It was a lot of fun. And I was soooo happy b/c Salty made it out with her gorgeous 3 week old son. And it was great to meet him. It was so nice to see everyone and I'm really glad Jen had the party. Thanks Jen!

Look at how big Fonzi is getting!


Trishie said...

great workout.
and look at that face - what a cutie.

triguyjt said...

what a cutie!!!

urban active...don't let them sell you a huge initiation fee...good job

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