Friday, December 12, 2008

New Gym - New Plan?

I am going to go join Urban Active this weekend. I was going to wait a few months until the house renovations had calmed down, but I just can't take it anymore. I haven't been in a steady workout routine since the half marathon in Oct, which is just entirely too long. I feel very off kilter and out of it and I really don't think it's baby related, I think it's my body freaking out b/c it's used to working out 6-10 hours a week and I'm working out all of 2 hours a week if I am having a good week. So, instead of both G and I joining, I am going to join monthly and then later we can change to the family membership. My lovely husband just has too much to do on the house and we know he won't go, so why waste the money?

My goal is to go 3-4 times a week. That's it. My plan is to make it before work once during the work week and once after work during the work week, then on both Sat and Sun. My Sat & Sun workouts I hope to consist of an hour of cardio and then weights. The mid week ones might be shorter. If I can do this and still get one short run in on my own during the week, plus weights during the week nights when I am just being lazy and watching tv, it would be fantastic. Plus I have walked on lunch a few times now during lunch and can get 2 miles in and if I can do that twice a week! I'll be able to get through this pregnancy and maintain some sort of muscle tone. Well, that is my hope anyway. It's getting hard for me to run outside and I can't keep up with my friends anyway, so I might be abandoning my weekend long runs with friends for the safety of the dreadmill. I cannot tell you how much I hate the dreadmill, but I don't see much other choice considering I can only peel off an 11-12 min mile and I have to pee at least twice within an hour.

It looks to be a good weekend. Sat is Gary's 33rd b-day and we have lunch plans with his mom and I am going to pick him up an ice cream cake on my way home from work today, plus I got him some gifts. His mom got him an Xbox so he'll have some fun playing video games on his down time now. Sunday I get to go to a get together of triathlon/running lady friends and I am very much looking forward to that as I have missed these ladies since I haven't been distance training.


triguyjt said...

everyone tells me...urban active is a cool gym....
good luck

allanjel said...

HaHa, you're just like me now always having to pee!! Remember how many times I had to run the P.0.P. at JASR in the 30 mins. before the race...and I am not even pregnant.

I don't feel so alone in the big bad world now ;) Thanks.

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