Friday, December 26, 2008

Who works the day after Xmas!

Me that's who. Boy was our parking lot empty at work this morning. I am only here until 11:30 then G is picking me up and we are heading to KY to see my family for Xmas. We have to take the dogs, which is just not fun on a 7 hour drive, but oh well. Thems the breaks.

Did you have a good Xmas bloggy friends? We did. I managed to get to the gym on Wednesday and do a circuit and some cardio and then on Thurs I met Sara and Harley at South Chagrin and while they ran up the hill, I powerwalked it. I got 4 miles into their 6, not too bad. I can't really run hills anymore, it's just not happening. I am also finding that I am pretty much sore after I excercise every time. I think it's just the extra weight on my frame. It's hard being short!


Trishie said...

merry xmas cute preggo lady!

Christine said...

Hey! I'm back in Cleveland pretty much for good now...and I also joined Urban Active. We should meet up sometime at your urban and go for a run! Hope you had happy holidays!

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