Wednesday, September 10, 2008

AM workouts - SOOO not happening

You know what doesn’t work well for me right now? Getting up at 5:30, I keep trying and keep failing. Either I wake up and just feel like I got ran over by a truck or I am nauseous and I crawl back into bed. I have a real aversion to working out after work. It just leaves too many things to interfere. I NEED to work on in the morning, yet I can’t seem to do it. What to do? I am probably only getting in 3-4 workouts a week right now. Which doesn’t work for me. So, I think what I will try is getting up at 6:30 instead. That leaves me with about 30-45 mins to work out if I can be ready to work out by 6:45. This will no longer allow me to run with anyone in the morning, but I am tired of bailing on my running partner anyway. If I can do this at least 3 mornings and have a good workout on Sat & Sun and maybe a good evening run once during the week I should be fine, right! Right? Ugh.


cdnhollywood said...

Let's put this into perspective. You're pregnant, experiencing nausea, working full time, and still getting 3-4 workouts per week.

That's pretty damn good. Be proud you can still do this (it will get tougher).

If you are having a hard time with workouts, take a weekly calendar and list on each day when you have free time - and be honest. Then try to schedule your workouts into those time slots. This way, you'll have a plan, and you won't be stressing to make other deadlines.

Just Josh Funk said...

I like the previous comment. You so don't need to be pushing your limits right now.

DaisyDuc said...

That is a tough one and it sounds like your plan is as good as any. Perhaps some rewards might help ya. To help get me back in the routine this week I have bought a few of my special favorite morning drinks and I think all I need to do is get up and I can drink that on my way to the gym!

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck! Morning just isn't the right workout time for some folks!

triguyjt said...

thats the key...get through the week...get those 3 6:30am workouts in if possible and then you can go long on the weekend...

good luck monica

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