Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Shaking off the sleep

So this was supposed to be the week I make my triumphant return to morning workouts. I am embarrassed to say that over the last 6 weeks since I found out I was pregnant, my workouts have gone from probably 10 hours a week to maybe 3 and my eating has been horrid. Not good! This is the time I should be eating better than ever. But anyway, I am hoping to stop the madness this week. Unfortunately I didn’t get up with my alarm at 5:30 on Monday morning, I talked myself into believing that since I traveled on Sunday that I was entitled to the sleep, nevermind that I was in bed by 9 the night before! Then I was going to work out after work, but by the time we had dinner and I took G to Fleet Feet for new shoes and we went to the grocery it was already 9, forget about it! Oh well, I said, Monday is usually my rest day anyway, I’ll kick ass on Tuesday. Hahah. My plan was to get up at 6:15 and run and then lift weights. I got up at 7. I did an 8 min ab DVD and some pushups, better than nothing. Tonight I will have to run right after work, no excuses. Tomorrow morning I have a date to meet Ilana to run so I know I won’t sleep in. wish me luck!


DaisyDuc said...

Well do what you can and don't beat yourself up about the rest! At least you have an excuse to need some extra rest!

triguyjt said...

whats gonna happen to you and your hubby several months down the road is so fantastic...i am sure you won't knock yourself about missing a tuesday am workout.....

btw babies love swimming....the bride swam right up to all due dates....birthed 9lb plus kids in about 2 and a half hours each...
swimming is great...

plus she was back out picking cotton 2 hours after each birth..(not true)

N.D. said...

It is perfect to have people to meet with! My motivation was entirely lacking the first trimester. Every workout felt like it was 3 hours long and I got by with for me, the bare minimum of workouts. You can do it! Everything you do now is helping your body & baby later!

Greg said...

My Wife is prega's and has gone through the same thing!

You will find your grove



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