Thursday, September 4, 2008

Woohooo almost Friday

Boy, it would be so nice to have a job that didn't leave me constantly begging for the weekend, but alas that is not the case. So, I am pleased that it is almost Friday! Woohoo.

I had quite a nice run last night. Sara and I met after work and ran from Sqaw Rock, down into the trails of South Chagrin Reservation, to the Polo Fields, around the field and back. It was horribly hot after work and was all ready for the run to feel like torture, but I felt pretty good and there was a nice breeze and we were in the shade for most of the time. South Chagrin has the most beautiful trails. If you have never run there, I encourage you to go there this weekend. You can't get lost, it's an out and back trail with a few mowed cross country trails that criss cross. For most of the time you run down a dirt path that is sandwiched between 5 foot masses of wildflowers and plants. There is a creek that runs down the side, well maybe it's chagrin river, not sure. But it's just one of my fav places to run, you should check it out. Due to the heat and such, I was totally spent when we got done. I stopped at Subway b/c G was out for the evening and I was so hungry that subway actually tasted like the best sandwich ever. That's when you know you are really hungry! Subway usually tastes like blah.

I think I have told you before that I have a tv problem. Mostly with reality tv, I get addicted. September is here, so that means it's time for my shows to come back on! Eeek, how will I get anything done? I watched the new 90210 on Tuesday and liked it, I might have to become a regular watcher. Plus Americas Next Top Model was on last night, love it! And they have a transgender model on this season, how great is that!


CycloneCross said...

I recently began my TV 'recovery' by unplugging the cable (I still get over the air channels); I've been far more productive and haven't really missed it. It used to be nice to have it on while working around the house, but now I just listen to music instead.

Just Josh Funk said...

I didn't have the same reaction to 90210 as you did. I was so excited about it, but thought it was a little juvenile. I lived for the Brenda/Kelly scenes, though. It's just like the old days - hangin' at the Peach Pit with Nat. sigh...

Steve Stenzel said...

OH! OH!! Top Model!!! I'm excited too!! I just kept getting annoyed when they did all the over-the-top futuristic stuff. "Let's beam...fiercely." What the hell, Tyra? What the hell?


Trishie said...

I am an ANTM whore. FIERCE! Today I will prosecute fiercely .. I will swim fiercely .. I will answer my phone fiercely. etc etc.

triguyjt said...

have you tried to janice dickinson one???
or the one about a gym on bravo...
those are pretty entertaining...but i usually only see a few episodes and then move on to something else....

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