Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday again

What a weather weekend. Sheesh. On Sat morning we woke up to pouring rain. No big deal, except that I had agreed to work at an outdoor event – the Rescue Rave – that was going on rain or shine. Ugh. First we had to go to a funeral service, so those are never fun, I skipped the burial and headed to the “rave”. I stood under a tent with no sides for 3 hours in. It was cold and I got soaked to the bone, it was pretty miserable. We did manage to get $30 in donations at our booth and the event was splitting the money from the raffles and door donations between all the rescues, so we probably made at least $150. So, it was worth it, that will fully vet a shar Pei, but boy was it a long day. When I got home I was soaked to the bone and couldn’t muster the energy to work out. So, we lay around and watched a movie- The Brave One – with Jodie Foster and the yummy Naveen Andrews (Saeid from Lost). It liked it, G didn’t.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and picked up Karen. We drove to Hudson and met up with Gina and her friend Landon and then my friend Kim met us. We ran around the streets of Hudson. It was pretty humid and I had a really hard time running. I made it 5 miles and then decided I was going to fall back and run/walk. When you are pregnant you’re not supposed to let your body temperature get too high and my head was throbbing from the heat. So, I sent everyone else on and they did 11, while I ran/walked 3 more for a total of 8. We then all met at 11 and went to Main Street Cupcakes where we had some yummy cupcakes (hence the name of the store!). I had a pumpkin spice one there and bought half a dozen to take home! When I got home we went to G’s dad’s house for the day. We just ate dinner and watched TV. I did attempt to feed the wild turkeys that live in their backyard, but they didn’t seem to like me. They are so bizarre, there are 6-8 of them at a time, and they are really big. They are used to G’s dad and step mom and will come a running when he throws seed. I hope they like me someday too! Around 5 the wind just started blowing like crazy so we headed home. We had a hell of a night. Our power was partially out, luckily we didn’t lose power in our kitchen and our cable didn’t go out. But we have a 40 foot willow tree in our backyard that got blown to pieces. Our yard and our neighbor on either’s side yards look like a tornado hit. We have so much work to do when we get home today. It was really scary, I really thought half the tree was going to break off and hit our house, but it didn’t. It made for a tense evening though.


triguyjt said...

amazing how many trees all over got ripped up....i guess its because the leaves still on the branches served as "like a sail" and yanked the trunks out of the ground...

good luck managing your workouts and the little one growing inside.!!!

Its gonna be awesome!!!!!!

Trishie said...

Wild turkeys? That's... while, wild. ;) So proud of you for keeping up your workouts while preggers.

DaisyDuc said...

Bravo to you for braving the rain Saturday for a good cause!

Good luck with the yard...we have a ton of limbs and sticks to pick up!

Trishie said...

It was def a sprint. (there's no way she did an Oly in 2:23 anyhow)

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