Monday, September 29, 2008

The important things (well depending on who is defining important)

  • Speed Bumps, 5 woman pregnant relay finishing in 3:57! How about that! I only ran a 5K portion so I didn't contribute too much to that kickass time, but I did manage to come in a little under a 10 min/mile and that was my goal. For the most part I didn't feel very good for my run. The hand off section was very congested and confusing so I took off like a bat out of hell and was running at between a 7:56 and 8:30 min pace and trying to slow myself down. I did of course and then had a hard time getting under 9:50ish and I stopped and took a sip at the 2 water stops. I kept trying to get my breathing under control, but for the most part I felt like crap! Oh well. After my run Gary was waiting for me at the hand off area and he and I and Janet (whose team kicked ass!) headed over the the stadium to watch the finish. I found one member of my team and we hung out for awhile while we waited for Laura to finish. Laura's my hero, she is 7.5 months pregnant and ran the 7.6 mile last leg in under 1:10. How amazing is that! I'm glad she organized this it was a lot of fun. If you've never done a relay before, give it a shot, it's very well organized and easy to pull off.
  • I ran 5 times last week! On Tuesday 3 miles with Gary, Wed 4.5 with Ilana, Thursday 4.5 with Sara and Sat the 3.1 mile leg of the race and Sunday 5 miles with Ilana! I also did my ab DVD twice and my pushups most days. Woohoo. Now if I could get 1 spin class and 2 weights sessions in there (probably drop 1 run) I'd be golden! That's my goal this week, 4 run, 2 bikes, 2 weights.
  • I was watching tv last night and turned to VH1 expected to see my Sunday treat - I Love Money - the trashiest reality tv show ever; instead I was greeted by a live concert from New Kids on the Block. At first I laughed as I was listening to one song, but soon I began to feel that familiar twang in my preteen heart as Jordan belted out You Got the Right Stuff Baby! Let me tell you NKTOB rocked that concert and I am now going to see if I beg anyone to go see them with me when they come here in Oct! Donny D added a bunch of rap to the songs and they kind of hip hopped them up. Let me tell you those songs they sang in the 90s still translate well. Loved.It. Totally made my day.
  • I had to go buy new pants this weekend, already! I'm not even out of my first trimester yet! I have one more week. It was a truly depressing shopping event. But I did walk away with some good steals on a pair of maternity jeans (although I can still wear some of my jeans!) and some clearance capris and some regular long sleeved tshirts from old navy. I just want to be comfortable right now, I am sick of tugging and pulling on clothes.
  • Gary and I were walking the dogs on Sat. There is a little trail that runs a few blocks in my neighborhood called the cinder path. There is this little old lady with a wheeled walker who walks up and down the path for 2 blocks and we always stop and say hi to her. Her favorite joke is to say that Taiko looks like her b/c of the wrinkles. So, we're talking and I look down and you know what? Taiko peed on her walker. Seriously, how embarrassing is that? Good thing he's so dang cute!


GP said...

So many kudos to you and the Speed Bump ladies! You're making a splash at the races, in the media... you're all over the place! And when I walked around Canal Park after the race, your relay was all the talk. I was just proud to know you and Laura. Way to go!

Just Josh Funk said...

Good job on your run! I can't believe Taiko went and peed on that ladies walker! Funny puppy. Mwah.

triguyjt said...

thats so awesome how well your preggers gang ran....fantastic.....great job... seems like you got cranked up again after a little very understandable down period.///

your neighbor could not ever get mad at taiko...such a cutie

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