Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to the Grind Tuesday

I love long weekends, they are like little presents to the working class. I wish there were more holidays. No bunk that, I wish every week was a 4 day work week. Life would be a lot nicer.

We had gorgeous weather here in Cleveland for our Labor Day celebrations. Soon enough it'll be cold here. Friday night G and I just stayed in and watched a movie - Darjeeling Limited - I liked it, G did not. But Wes Anderson (along with Chris Cooper) are 2 of my fav director/writers. I could watch Royal Tenenbaums or Best in Show all day long. All day I tell you!

Sat morning I woke up bright and early and went and picked up Karen. We headed down to the towpath to meet Sara and Harley for a long run. We were out on the towpath for a few hours and it was deceivingly hot. We struggled at times, but got through the run. At one point we stopped at Peninsula (a trail head) to refill our water bottles. The water tasted like farts though, so I was basically without water the last 3 miles as I couldn't stand to drink it, ugh. Seriously farts in a bottle. But anyway at Peninsula we saw a lady eating a popsicle and lost our shit, we needed a popsicle and we needed it NOW. So, we ran fast back to where we were parked and beelined it for the Trail Mix general store and walked out with popsicles and fizzy lizzy pops. It was devine. From there, I headed home and got cleaned up and G and headed to his cousins to meet their newborn Colleen. She is 3 weeks old and beautiful. It was nice to catch up with them and hear all about their life for the last month. When I got home I was exhuasted and took a short nap that I wish had been MUCH longer. But alas I had to get up b/c we had a date to go to the symphony with our neighbors at Blossom. For those of you non clevelanders, Blossom is a great outdoor arena. They have their own symphony orchastra and you can go watch them and bring your own food & drink. They were doing a warner brothers tribute, so they played along to movie clips. It was okay, I mean we had fun with our neighbors, but all the movies were really old, aside from a Batman and Harry Potter clip, so it didn't really hold my attention.

Sunday I had to get up early again b/c Ilana had talked me into doing some free 10K that Nike had organized The Human Race. We got kickass Tshirts. It was a non competitive run that went through the park by my house. We had fun. But my back had been bothering me and it was really acting up on that run. That afternoon I went to a baby shower for the lovely Salty. She just looks so great and is 6 months pregnant! Her family threw a really nice shower and we got to play some fun games and eat some yummy food. It was at a beach club by the lake so we had such a nice view. When I got home again I was exhausted and settled in for a nap!

Monday I got to sleep in, yeah! Until 9! Yeah! We spent the day at the Geauga county fair. I only go b/c they seriously have 100s of animals. I love seeing and petting the animals. Its depressing as hell though b/c people buy the animals to kill and they have all these little signs - thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Carnivore for buying my 2008 hog - oh so sad. But I love love love being able to pet and cuddle with the goats, sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and even the poultry! They also have llama and alpaca. It was so hot out. And between all the walking, the heat and the fair food I was cooked and ready to just lay down. We decided to watch another movie last night since we are behind in out netflix; we watched Gone Baby Gone. I adore Casey Affleck, this movie was okay, a little too depressing.

And now it's Tuesday and ugh I have to work! Hope you had a great weekend bloggy friends.


Trishie said...

Boo for fart water!
Yay for popsicles!

James and I volunteered at the SPCA booth at the Md state fair this weekend. It was fun but I always forget that Maryland is an ag state with farms and cows and all that :P

bridget said...

i agree that that water is THE WORST!! how can boston store have the best water ever- and peninsula taste's like they fished it out of the toilet? I don't even stop there for water anymore!!!

DaisyDuc said...

farts in a bottle---EWWW!!!Hahaha! Good seeing ya over the weekend!

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