Friday, June 25, 2010

31 years ago today

I was born! My how time flies. I must say that my 30th year was the best year yet. So, I bet this one will be even better. I have a tri this weekend. I am not really looking forward to it, not sure what I was thinking signing up. I have only swam for 4 weeks and only 2-3 times a week. Yikes. The most I have swam is 1500 yds. I know I can get through 500 yds, but I think I am going to be pooped. Last time I did this tri I got 3rd in my age group, so I am setting myself up to be disapointed. I am far enough off my pregnancy now that I am not amazed by every little thing that I do, lol. Oh well I will just treat it as a good workout.

This past weekend I met up with the lovely Iron G and we rode our bikes on the Mentor tri course and swam in the lake. My first open water swim in 2 years and I still have absolutely no ability once a wave of any size is near me. I do really love biking though and am so happy I got back on my bike. I honestly figured I never would for awhile, that I would just run. But I am a much better biker than runner and I hope Gary and I are able to bike together every other week and on the in between weeks I can meet my awesome tri gal pals.

On the food front, I am still eating vegetarian and having no issues whatsoever. I do have fish here and there, so technically I am a pescatarian. I am also eating pretty closely to vegan since dairy bothers me anyway. I feel really good. And I feel horrible when I do indulge in sugary treats. Which has been a bit too often since I got back to a desk job. It's amazing the difference in my body now and how much sugar really bothers it since I started eating really clean back in late April. Sugar is evil ya'll and so are animal products! They wreak havoc on your systems.

I put an excercise ball at my desk and sat on it this morning for about 2.5 hours. I can already tell that that was a bit too long for the first time. My back is killing me!

Have a great weekend bloggy friends, what are you getting into?


Organic Warrior said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Heatha said...

Happy Birthday!! And good luck at your tri this weekend. Stay positive, you may surprise yourself!

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