Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Trails to you....

Monday June 28th: Hi Bloggy friends! Our computer is dead, dead, dead. We had ordered a new computer last week and then our laptop pooped out on us the next day. It’s like it knew we were done with it and it was its final F you. We decided to get a MAC. It’s our first, I hope we like it. MAC has a great deal right now where if you buy a Macbook, you get a free Ipod touch. Pretty nifty. So, anyway, I have some great pics to show you from this weekend, but I can’t until I have a computer.

I did the Munroe Fall Summi sprint tri this weekend. It was a 400 yard swim/12 mile bike/5K run. I finished in 1:27. It’s funny. This was my second tri ever 2 years ago. I finished that day in 1:27 and some change and got 3rd in my age group. 3rd! I thought they’d made a mistake. I finished the same this weekend and was 155th overall. LOL. Oh well. There were about 200 people; so not a very stellar performance. The stupid swim took me 10 mins and I was almost last out of the water. I had very respectable times on the bike and the run. I managed to go about 17mph on the bike and it was a little hilly and my chain came off which cost me a few minutes. On the run I was below a 9min pace. My transition times were a little slow. But that swim…oh its weird to be almost dead last out of the water. But the thing is, even if I had been in the first group out of the water, I would have only gained about 3 mins. I breast stroked my way through the swim. I tried to put my face in and hammer out some free style, but just couldn’t do it. My breathe gets too short and I panic. I hate open water swimming, what am I to do? I have another tri in July and my goal is to just finish the swim in under 10 mins. Modest goals. I also need to learn to not wear a wetsuit for such short swims. I am not alone though, there were plenty of people with wet suits on. If I really want to do tris I need to dedicate myself to swimming. My goal this winter is to really get used to swimming and hopefully join a master’s group again. I can also improve on my brick times for sure. I can’t be upset with my time considering I barely trained. There is an oly tri in Sept that I would really like to try. But I am not sure I can breast, side, fake my way through a 1000 yard swim….any tips?

After the tri we took Harper to Happy Trails animal sanctuary. It’s in Ravenna and they were having a 10th anniversary party. They rescue abused and neglected farm animals. It was horridly hot, but we had so much fun. Harper was thoroughly delighted to pet the pigs, rabbits, horses and goats. And she got a kick out of looking at all the different kinds of chickens. I loved it to. I am in love with pigs, how did I ever eat them! They are so loving and intelligent. They have mini pigs, but also big 1000+lb pink pigs. If you live around here, you should really check this place out. They are only open to the public for events, but are happy to show you around if you give them a call. They are doing great work and if you are looking for somewhere to donate a few dollars to, they could really use the help.


Jill said...

Once u go MAC u never go back!! :)

Josh Middleton said...

I back up Jill's sentiment. I love MAC products. You will too. Enjoy!

cdnhollywood said...

Jill's right. Macs rule. Even my 6yo daughter can use it.

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