Friday, June 11, 2010

Preparing for the MOMA DANCEEEE!!!!!

I keep looking over at my calendar and freaking out. I have a tri in 16 measly days. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. I have ridden my bike 2 times outside, 1 time on the trainer and been in the pool 3 times so far. Ack. I did have a good swim today. I managed to get in 1200 yds in the time it took me to do 1000 on Monday. I had a kickass 4 mile track workout this week as well. I overslept on Thursday, but for the most part the AM workouts are getting easier. The only think I am slacking on is weights, must figure out a time to get those in. I think that is the hardest thing about tris, fitting in any kind of yoga or weights. I mean honestly when do you have time? Hopefully swimming will keep my arms toned, but I do need to at least do some sit-ups and pushups before bed. I’ve been putting a lot of thought into my training and schedule. Trying to figure out how to do the tris and still train for a marathon is hard. B/c honestly the tris are short distance, swimming and biking can’t overshadow the miles that I need to get in. So, here is what I am going to try and do from here until after the tri in July. At which point I will decide if I want to go for the International distance tri at Greater Cleveland in August or just focus on running.

Mon: Swim
Tues: Track workout (3-5 m)
Wed: Brick (20-30 min on trainer, 3m run)
Thurs: Swim, pm weights/yoga
Fri: Easy run or rest day
Sat: Long brick (60-90 min bike, 30-40 min run)
Sun: Long run (10-22m)

Just typing that tires me out. The Sat/Sun workouts will flip around, depends on when I have running or bricking dates. I also hope to get in the water once over the weekend, but hopefully open water, hoping to do that every other weekend.

Work is going pretty good. I am happy I chose the job that I did. That being said, I ended up getting a job offer the other day that was more money. Ugh. The job offer was 3 months after the interview mind you. What’s up with that.

I am super pumped for this weekend! We are going to see Phish on Sat night. I used to follow ***Phish*** around in the summers during college. I haven’t seen them since 2000 so I am super excited. I was just reading over some set lists and can.not.wait! I hope Gary likes it. It’s certainly an acquired taste of music. On top of that Harper is doing her first overnight with the in-laws while we go to the concert. I hope I am not nervous about that the whole time. I’m sure she’ll do fine. She is such a big girl I just can’t stand it. Yesterday was her first day fully weaned. No boob at all! I am happy to be done with the breastfeeding, but honestly it made me a little sad too. I will miss that cuddle time. I know for now I won’t be able to snuggle her up to me before bed b/c she will be expecting to nurse. But I hope once few months past and she has totally forgotten that I used to be her main food source (!) we can get back to sitting in the rocking chair and cuddling before she goes to bed. I miss her so much. Seeing her 3.5 hours a day is just not enough. And at some point I’m sure I will have a longer commute to work. Being a working mom is a tough thing…


Josh Middleton said...

What is your new job? I think I may have missed the post explaining what you're doing now. I'm glad you like it.

Congrats to Harper for reaching a new milestone. I hope you get your cuddle sessions back soon, though!


Heatha said...

I love hearing you talk about Phish - makes me laugh!
Isn't it hard letting your kids grow up?? And, don't worry, you still have plenty of cuddle years left! :)
Let me know if you need a running buddy......

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