Monday, June 7, 2010

Shut it and just sign up already!

Good morning Bloggy friends. I hope you had a great weekend. We certainly did. Saturday morning started with a bright and early 12 min stretch tape. Then I got the kid and husband up and we went to the North Union Farmer’s Market at Shaker Square. I’ve been to this market a few times, but considering I live 4 miles away, I haven’t been enough. The weather was overcast and threatening to rain on us, but we still managed to scoop up some goods including: free range eggs, homemade strawberry jam, some banana bread, asparagus and peas. From there we stopped by a few yard sales. We are in need of a cute dresser for our downstairs bedroom. We didn’t find anything. Once home, I headed to the pool and managed to swim 1000 yards in 28 mins. Not too shabby right!?! I lounged in the sauna afterwards and only let the totally naked woman, who insisted on laying down without a towel under her (ick), creep me out a little. The rest of the day was spent lounging and then I met a few friends including Trisaratops for a beer on a rainy patio at Brennan’s Colony. Good times.

Sunday morning I woke up to more rain, yuck. But Michelle and I managed to hammer out 4 miles together and then I did 2 more after she left. I played a game with myself and tried to run the last 2 miles in under 16 mins. and I did it! Well I did stop to catch my breath at the turnaround and stopped my watch, but still, I kind of did it.

Now it’s Monday and we’re back to the grind. I got up at 5am and headed to the pool. I was worried that the pool would be packed. I used to swim at the JCC in the am and I always had to share a lane and circle swim. I hate to circle swim. But today I was in luck, there were 3 other people there, but I had a lane alllll to myself. I again did 1000 yards. I am going to start to keep track of my swims so I can keep an eye on my progress, today I did:
200 kickboard warm up with fins
100 breast with fins
100 free with fins
100 breast
200 free
150 of 25 breast/25 free (did the free as fast as I could handle)
50 kick cooldown

I took a HUGE plunge and signed up for 2 triathlons today. I am a nut. I have been on my bike twice and in the pool twice in the past 2 years. Oh well, I know I can breast stroke my way through 500 yards. I signed up for the Summi Tri (where I got 3rd in my age group last time, despite breast stroking the swim) on June 27th and the Fairport Harbor Pirate tri on July 25th. I am very nervous about that Fairport one b/c it is in Lake Eerie. Which makes me want to pee my pants thinking about it. But everyone raves about this tri and it’s in the break wall so it’s not wavy. This will be a huge step to help me overcome my fears I think. In the meantime I better get out to Mentor headlands at least twice to practice swimming with no goggle visibility. Yuck.

If I make it through these without drowning hopefully I can do the oly at the Cleveland tri, but again that’s in Lake eerie, so I don’t know….

Also on a foodie note, I have been a vegetarian for over a month now. I am madly in love with these 2 soups and have had them a few times a week. If you’ve never tried them, get yer butt to Whole foods.


KimZepp said...

Good for you! Hope you enjoy the tris!

Heatha said...

My BFF has done the Fairport tri before - I think she's doing it again this year, too! She really likes it!
Good luck, and let me know if you're ever up for a run!

Josh Middleton said...

I love most anything Amy makes and I love farmer's markets and yard sales. Sounds like a winner if a weekend!

Kirsten said...

I live in Painesville, right by the Fairport and Mentor beaches. I always say I'm gonna do the Fairport tri, but it just never really happens. (:

JenC said...

Bridget, Steve, Matt and I are doing Fairport, so you will not be alone. Let me know if you want to open water swim there some weekend.

Thx for bike date invite next weekend. Unfortunately, I already have bike plans with my friend Paula. Raincheck?

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