Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Goal day

As I was swimming yesterday for the first time in 2 years. I took the quiet time to myself to #1 reflect on how bad I am at swimming, lol and #2 come up with some goals. There are a million things that I want to do, a faster marathon, a faster half marathon, a half ironman, learn to flipping swim fast, do a 100 mile road ride and do P90x to finally get buff arms. And of course I want to do them all righttttt now. But that is just not logical at all. I am the mother of a 13 month old busy busy monkey, I work full time and already have to get up at 4:50am to do the workouts I already do. So, here are a few things that I want to do this year.

#1 - A fall marathon well under 4:29, I really think I have it in me to get under 4:10, but just want to do better than I did last time.
#2 -Smash my recently obtained half mary PR of 1:56 and change. I did that on a really bad stomach day, so if I could get to the starting line without self inflicted cupcake GI issues, then surely I can do more like 1:51, if not better! I mean hell I lost 3 mins for a porta john stop and 2 mins hobbling with a side stitch to get that 1:56.
#3 - do a late summer, fall sprint tri

So there you have it, goals for me to focus on between now and Thanksgiving. The marathon I have my eye on is Oct 3. If for some reason I have a really bad day out there and feel the need to try again I can try Philly in Nov. But in reality Corning NY is my only shot this year to get under 4:30. I have a half on Sept 26th, if something goes wrong there I can try again at a local half that is right before thanksgiving. I haven't picked a sprint tri yet, but I really want one that doesn't swim in Lake Eerie and swims in an inland lake. I really like the sprint I did at Munroe Falls a few years back, so I may see if I can do that one.

In order to make these goals I am obviously going to have to focus on my running. I plan to run 4 days a week, one of those being a track workout. One being long, one being a tempo with the dog and stroller and then one other shorter recovery run as part of a brick. I plan to do 3 - 20 + milers. Running 4 days a week will allow me to swim 2-3 times and I will probably only bike outside once and then indoors once. But to do a sprint that is suficient.

Once these goals are over I am going to spend the fall/winter months focusing on swimming and I want to try P90X. Next year I want to do a half ironman and can do a 100 mile road ride as part of my training. Soooo there you have. Think I am taking too much on, lol. That's how I've always been, I'm not happy if I am not working towards some sort of goal. But I will be doing all these workouts at the buttcrack of dawn, to make sure I have plenty of Harper time!


KimZepp said...

If the tri goes well at Munroe Falls on June 27, I also recommend the sprint tri at Fairport Harbor on July 25 (they call it the Pirate Tri now and it's through the Lake County Metroparks.) You swim in Lake Erie, but it's inside a break wall - no waves! I did it the last two years and LOVED it. It's only about $20, you get a long sleeve T, they have great race support, and it's almost all flat on the bike and run (just a hill to get out of transition.) I can't do it myself this year because of an out of town wedding. I'm bummed!
Good luck with all of your goals for this year!

Josh Middleton said...

Harper is getting so big. She's a cutie. And you are Miss Motivated. You go, girl!

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