Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A plan boss, a plan

Tuesday June 29 - So I have a plan. Not sure it will work out. But I swiped a 16 week training plan offline for an Olympic distance triathlon. The one I have my eye on is Portage Lakes on Sept 19th. Has anyone done that race? If so, please tell me everything you can about the swim. Do you start in deep water? Do you have to go very far out in the lake?

I only have 12 weeks until the race, but I am already beyond where I should be for this plan for week 5. But starting today I am going to train according to this plan. It calls for two a days twice a week, ugh. But I can do anything for 3 months. The plan basically looks like this:
Monday – Swim & Run
Tuesday – Bike
Wednesday – Brick (bike/run)
Thursday – Swim
Friday – rest
Saturday – Bike
Sunday- Run

I am not sure about the midweek Brick. I will likely swap the Sat bike with the Wed brick as the Sat bike next goes beyond 90 mins. But the brick goes up to an hour bike followed by a 45 min run. To complicate matters further I have a few races in between:

July 25 – Fairport harbor spring tri
August 7 – 10K corporate challenge with work
August 15 – Perfect 10 miler
Sept 12 – River Run half marathon – which was my A race, I really want to rock it, but if I do this Oly, it’s the week before.

I would be so pleased to do an oly before, I have never done longer than a sprint.


Josh Middleton said...

I love your plans. Good luck with it!

JenC said...

I haven't done that race in a few years, but assuming it is the same, here is my take on swim. It is a rectangle where I'll use the regular compass directions even though I don't know what actual position the lake is relative to north. You start off by going east, then turn left and head north (but not too far), then another left and swim past the start and continue going west, eventually turn south and then head back east. The Olympic is a two-lapper, but you never have to get out of the water until you are done. I can't remember if it is a beach start or deep water start. Some sections of course, you can touch bottom.

At Fairport, you and I will be vying for last out of the water!

KimZepp said...

I did the Portage Lakes Oly as my first Oly distance race last year. Yes, the swim was just as Jen described it. The bike was two loops outside the park with a couple medium hills and the run was all in the park.
I'm not doing it this year since that's the week after the Cedar Pt Rev3 tri.
Looks like I'll see you at the Perfect 10 Miler!

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