Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Anticipation…..I am so geeked to get started on the P90x series. I plan to post every day and give you guys an update on the program, the good, the bad, the ugly. I will take before and after pics, but I likely won’t post the before pics until I have made a little progress! LOL. Right now I am carrying a huge layer of muffin top fat and I super eager to see it disappear. I am spending this week getting myself motivated by reading success stories and watching before/after you tube videos.

I plan to follow what is called the Classic P90x routine. I will be doing the DVDs once a day. On top of this I will maintain a long run on my rest day and hopefully 1-2 midweek runs with Fonzie. But one day a week will just be the yoga DVD. If anything has to give that week, it will be that DVD as I do not want to lose my running fitness. I hope to keep my long run between 6-10 miles. I am going to take the fitness test tonight or tomorrow night. I need to take my measurements as well. I may post those…may….be. I need to stock up on some high protein snacks and I also need to get the pull bar to mount in my doorway. I was contemplating not messing with the pullup bar, but I want to do the program 100% and pull-ups are part of the routine.

I am also planning on following the meal plan as well as I can being a vegetarian. I found a modified plan online. There are several plans included within the P90x materials, but I am going for the portion plan which doesn’t require much calorie counting. I haven’t followed a real diet in many many years. I hope I am able to stick to it. The diet is basically broken into 3 phases:

Level 1 (1-30 days)
Proteins 2
Fruit 2
Vegetables 2
Fats (omega-3) 1
Carb one (legumes) 2
Carb two (grains) 2
Snacks: double (or two singles), Vegan Recovery Drink
Condiments 1

Level 2 (30-60 days)
Proteins 3
Fruit 3
Vegetables 3
Fats (omega-3) 1
Carb one (legumes) 2.5
Carb two (grains) 2.5
Snacks: double (or two singles), Vegan Recovery Drink

Level 3 (60-90 days)
Proteins 4
Fruit 3
Vegetables 5
Fats (omega-3) 2
Carb one (legumes) 3
Carb two (grains) 3
Snacks: double (or two singles), Vegan Recovery Drink
Condiments 3

Here are some of the common foods I will be eating:

Protein Portion List
Hemp protein powder – 100 calories, depending on brand
Rice and pea protein powder – 100 calories, depending on brand
Seitan – 3 oz.
Soy burger – 1
Soy cheese slices – 5
Tempeh – 2 oz.
Tofu – 3 oz.
Veggie burger – 1
Veggie dog – 1
Carb Two (Grains) List
Amaranth – 1 cup
Whole grain bagel, medium – 1
Bran muffin (2.5 oz.) – 1
Whole-grain bread – 2 slices
Whole-grain cereal – 1 cup
Whole-grain couscous – 1 cup
Whole-grain crackers – 12
Whole-grain English muffin – 2 halves
Oatmeal – 1 cup
Pancakes (3.6 ounces) – 3
Whole-grain pasta – 1 cup
Quinoa – 1 cup
Rice, brown or wild – 1 cup
Whole wheat tortilla, large – 1
Whole-grain waffles – 2
Wheat berries – 1 cup

Carb One (Legumes) List
Baked beans – 1 cup
Beans (kidney, black, etc.) – 1 cup
Hummus – 1 cup
Lentils – 1 cup
Peanuts (raw or home-roasted) – 1 oz.
Refried beans, nonfat – 1 cup

Fat (Omega-3) Portion List
Flaxseed Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Pumpkin Seed Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Walnut Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Canola Oil – 1 Tbsp.
Chia Oil – 1 Tbsp.

Single snacks
Dried fruit – 1 oz.
Frozen fruit bar – 1
Fruit – 1 medium piece
Rice cake – 1
Peanut butter (with celery sticks) – 1 Tbsp.
Popcorn, air-popped or light – 3 cups
Soy nuts – 2 oz.
Seaweed – 10 oz.

Double snacks
Bean dip (with 4 oz. chips) – 4 Tbsp.
Hummus (with carrot sticks) – 1 oz.
Pumpkin seeds – 2 oz.
Raw nuts – 1 oz.


Organic Warrior said...

Good Luck-can't wait to see your results! The food list looks pretty good, I think you'll do great!

jessica said...

Instead of yoga, you might think about dropping the kenpo day to fit in a run on crazy weeks. It seemed like kinda pointless cardio for me.

Clare said...

i will be reading to hear about it! i need motivation...

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