Monday, December 20, 2010

Get ready to Bring it!

I started P90X on Sunday. I am so excited for this journey.

Sunday I did the chest and back workout, which is nothing more than push-ups and pull ups in different positions. Tony encourages you to do your best and just do as many as you can. Usually there were 30 seconds per exercise. I borrowed a set of perfect pushups from my Bro in law. They made doing the pushups with good form much easier. I admittedly did all the pushups on my knees. For the pull-ups, I just used a band that was over a door, it worked out just fine. If you can get the band in a secure place, like the hinge of the door, you are able to pull down and out and almost recreate a pull up. I think I am going to get a pull up bar, but not 100% sure yet b/c the band certainly left my back sore.

The chest workouts include:
· Standard Push-Ups
· Wide Front Pull-Ups
· Military Push-Ups
· Reverse Grip Chin-Ups
· Wide Fly Push-Ups
· Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups
· Decline Push-Ups
· Heavy Pants
· Diamond Push-Ups
· Lawnmower
· Dive Bomber Push-Ups
· Back Flys
The program is divided into two separate rounds where you run through each exercise twice. The second time around they rearrange the order of the exercises. I was scared of this workout b/c I suck at pushups and cannot do 1 pull-up. But it wasn’t as horrible as I thought it would be. I did all the pushups on my knees and cannot even image that I may be able to get through a round on my toes, but maybe by the end.
I was also supposed to do the ab ripper DVD yesterday, but I was in KY for early family Xmas and had inadvertently left in back in Cleveland, so I will be adding it on today.
This morning I did the plyometrics workout. I had heard word that this was the toughest of the P90x workouts. I had a half day off work, so I dropped Harper at daycare and came home to put myself through some pain before work! This workout is no joke. I was sweating my butt off within 5 minutes. I just ran a marathon last week and this DVD made me feel as though I am the most out of shape person in the world. But part of me loved it!
Plyometrics, also known as jump training, has been proven to dramatically improve athletic performance. So, I will be interested to see if my running improves from this.

Here is the list of moves after the warm up and stretch cycle
· Jump Squat 30 secs
· Run-stance Squat 30 secs
· Airborne Heisman 30 secs
· Swing Kick 60 secs
· >> 30 sec Break – Then Repeat Above Sequence <<
· Squat Reach Jump 30 secs
· Run-stance Squat 30 secs ·
· Double Airborne Heisman 30 secs
· Circle Run 60 secs
· >> 30 sec Break – Then Repeat Above Sequence <<
· Jump Knee Tuck 30 secs
· Mary Katherine Lunge 30 secs
· Leapfrog Squat 30 secs
· Twist Combo 60 secs
· 30 sec Break – Then Repeat Above Sequence <<
· Rock Star Hop 30 secs
· Gap Jump 30 secs
· Squat Jacks 30 secs
· Military March 30 secs
· >> 30 sec Break – Then Repeat Above Sequence <<
· Run Squat 180 Jump Sequence 30 secs
· Lateral Leapfrog Squat 30 secs
· Monster Truck Tire 30 secs
· Hot Foot 60 secs
· >> 30 sec Break – Then Repeat Above Sequence <<
· Pitch & Catch 60 secs
· Jump Shot 60 secs
· Football Hero 60 secs

I was completely unable to do the pitch and catch, lol. It requires you to pretend to pitch a ball, which I have never done in my life and have no idea how to do. So, I just did some jumping twist back and forth while they threw fake balls.

It’s going to be a long 90 days, Tony Horton is super annoying, but thus far I still find him humorous. I’ll let you know if I still have that opinion come March!

Xmas in KY with the family was awesome by the way. I just do not get to see my family enough!


Anonymous said...

I just started the p90x on January 1. I agree its going to be a long 90 days! Best of luck!

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