Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Press Pause while you puke

Let me tell you something! The second week of P90x is no easier than the first. Last night I pushed myself through Back & Chest, while fighting with Harper over my resistance bands and this morning I sweated and almost puked (still not feeling great) my way through round II of Plyometrics. I learned that no matter what I need to get up at 5am. P90x requires my full attention and doing it while Harper is awake it too difficult. Although it is super cute to watch her run in place and try and do the warm-up with me. But after the warm up she quickly loses patience and wants to steal my weights, pushup bars and resistance tubing. I felt like a bad mom several times as I just let her cry while I worked my way through my set up mock pull-ups before returning the tube to her. LOL.

I believe this year we are going to get a babysitter (grandma) for NYE. We usually don’t do anything special, but I really want to work more on being a strong couple (not just Harper’s parents) in 2011 and what better way than to ring in the new year on a date. I found the perfect event! I am starting the day with an 11 mile run and pancakes with friends, so this will be an awesome way to end the last day of 2010.

Snowfest 1.0 is open until Jan. 2, including a “Snow Year’s Eve” celebration. It’s tubing, skating, dinner, dancing and fireworks at the Jake…, I mean, Progressive Field on New Year’s Eve. The fun stuff happens on the field; the party spins at the Terrace Club. Good news is tickets are fairly a la carte — you can buy a complete package, just dinner and dancing, tubing or skating tickets — to suit your new year’s groove.
Tubing and skating on the field run 10 a.m. until 1 a.m. with 2-7 p.m. Happy Hour. Snow Year’s Eve dinner begins at 7:30 p.m. The party starts at 9:30 p.m.
Snow Days at Progressive Field (2401 Ontario Street) tubing and skating tickets start at $25. The Snow Year’s Eve party-only ticket, which includes a DJ and dancing, fireworks, champagne, cash bar, dessert, breakfast buffet (see the menu), parking and favors, runs $49 per person. Dinner-and-a-party tickets feature a prime rib dinner buffet (see the menu) in addition to the party outlined above and cost $99 per person. See the Snow Days site for complete details.


KimZ said...

Have fun on your NYE date! :)
How are you doing "mock" pull ups?
Kim Z

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