Friday, December 17, 2010

Let the Games Begin

I took my before pictures last night. That was not fun. I will post them, but I think I will wait until I have my 30 days comparison shots. Normally I would just put them out there, but b/c I talk about my blog on Facebook and have some co-worker facebook friends I feel weird posting shots of me in a bikini. But I do want to show the progress for those interested in P90x, so bear with me, there will be pictures at some point. I took my measurements as well and I almost cried. I don’t know how I managed to get back to this place. I have officially gained 10 lbs since May. I feel like I did when I was trying to lose the weight from being pregnant. I put on 4 of those lbs since the beginning of Nov, which really upsets me. I was upset that I was backsliding at that point and I did nothing to stop it. I am a perfect example of how endurance running does not naturally equal skinny. It is not in my genes to be on the slim side, I have to work my butt off to stay trim. When I step back and logically think about it, I know why I have gained the weight. I went vegetarian early in the year, which has steered me to a very carb laden diet, I went back to work which cut down the amount of miles I was walking the dogs each week (walked them like 10-15 when I was staying at home and now maybe 5), and I had some serious stress in my life over the last few months. So, it is what it is. I am so sick of being obsessed with what I look like. I’ve had this blog going for a few years now and every other entry is bemoaning my sweet tooth and thick belly. So, I want it to stop. I want to blog about more meaningful things. I want to get back to listing out recipes and things I do with my family. I do plan to blog about P90x and I really hope it is the magic bullet I need to get control of my body. What I have been doing thus far is not working.
I am heading to KY to see my family for Xmas after work today. I am very excited. I haven’t seen 2 of my sisters and their kids in a long time. It will be nice spending time with everyone. I plan to start P90X on Sunday. So, when I get home I will blog about the first 2 workouts. Let the games begins.

Pre Power90X measurements:

Bust: 34
Bicep: 15 on both sides
Upper waist (under ribs): 26
Waist at belly button: 31.5 :(
Hips at butt: 38
Upper thigh: 21 on right, 21.5 on left
Lower thigh: 17
Calves: 15 on both side

The stomach has a lot of room for improvement, my belly is normally around 26-27, so I hope to see that number go down quickly.

Like my new blog makeover? I will be doing a write up soon on the gal that did it, but you can check her out at To leave a comment right now you have to click on the title of my post and go to that specifc page, I believe she's going to fix that soon. She's been awesome to work with and turned this update around so quick!


Heather said...

Love the new header - looks great!
I've gained 10 lbs this year, too. After the marathons my activity decreased a ton but I was still eating the same! Oh well, I'm declaring 2011 MY YEAR. :)

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