Friday, December 17, 2010

A Handmade Xmas

Oh ETSY how I love thee. I made it a point this year to try and buy a lot of handmade gifts. Hopefully none of my family is reading this b/c I’d like to show off a few.

Felted Soaps from Art By LisaK

For most of the ladies in my life, they will be getting some felted soap in yummy flavors such as rose, almond and lavender. What is felted soap you ask! Well its soap wrapped in felted wool. I actually saw some at Anthropolgie and thought it was a great gift idea. But figured I could find it much cheaper on Etsy and I was right. I messaged the seller and she was nice enough to combine shipping as I ordered 6.

Body Wash from Gudonya (good on you)

My mother in law loves Chai tea. So, I thought chai tea body wash was in order. I got myself some too and boy oh boy does this smelly good stuff sud up nicely. I got myself pumpkin cheesecake, which is a great way to start off the day when you have a sweet tooth like me. She also makes shampoo and I am definitely going to be trying it out.

Linen Applique Russian Matryoshka Bag from Robins Egg Blue

I actually got my sister this cute little bag for her birthday. It was a little smaller than I originally thought, but so super cute and well made that it made up for it. Plus the seller happens to be from Cleveland. Bonus.

Funny 2011 printable Calendar from Neat Things

I decided at the last minute that I really should have gotten some of my co-workers Xmas gifts. Everyone seems to hand out food, so I wanted to do something different. Since I left it to the last minute I don’t have much time. So, I decided to order a PDF of this hilarious calendar. I am going to print it out on high quality paper stock and tie it with some pretty string. Voila a office Xmas gift people might actually want. Although at the last minute I realized that Oct’s quote talks about 20something whores. Oops. I will have to include a note saying not to display Oct. I actually messaged the seller to see if he could change that page for me. We shall see. I happen to find 20something whores hilarious, but HR might now, considering the median age at my company is 30. Lots of 20somethings. Who probably do dress naughty for Halloween.


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