Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 11/84

Ooooh I signed up for my first tri of the year, first tri of the EVER! It's next Sunday. I am nervous. I was going to wait until June 21 and make Summi my first tri, but my friend Beth told me about this NEO tri and the swim takes place in a manmade lake that is shallow and gets really warm. Plus, it's a small crowd, only like 20-30 women last year, so it should be a good tri introduction. I cannot wait. I need to practice getting in and out of my wetsuit. Before you even bother commenting, yes I know most people don't wear wetsuits for sprints. I don't give a flying F, I am not a strong swimmer and want the security blanket. Besides my friend said she'll be wearing one too and I am not concerned about the 1 min it will cost me in transition. If I can do the whole thing in under 2 hours I will be happy. Well, I'll be happy just to finish. It's 500 yard swim, 13 mile bike and a 3.1 mile run. Should be a good learning experience. I am so pumped. Now I really need to find a olympic race in June or July, any suggestions? I unfortunately can't do the MiltonMan tri b/c I am having a party the night before. So, July 13th weekend is out. I looked on Tri find, but couldn't find anything.

Last night after work, Gary, Natalie, Joy, Beth and I headed out for a 22 mile bike. I didn't have a very good ride. I was slow, my bike I can't explain it, but I feel like I am leaning/floating to the right. Not like my bike is pulling off to one side, but just unstable, like the right side is lower. Does this make sense to anyone? We examined my bike and everything looks okay, my seat isn't crooked or anything. The handlebars are straight. I had this feeling all weekend in LP, but I just thought it was b/c the roads were slanted. But I guess that is not the culprit. Bloggy friends what could it be!!!! Had one little fall at the top of a hill that resulted in a good size gash on my leg. Beth tumbled b/c her chain fell off at the top of the hill and when she went down, I moved to help her and was of course still attached, so there we both lay in the middle of a busy intersection! Luckily we were both unscathed. The whole ride though was just a tough one for me, I could never seem to get my legs going. I am of course not going to beat mysel up as my legs had a Big weekend. But it was a nice ride nonetheless. We rode up Shaker and down to Chagrin River Road and then back up.

This morning I managed to get my butt out of bed at 5:30, it’s been awhile since I have done that. It only took 2 mins before I felt awake. I have got to remember that when I feel like it’s a better idea to turn off my alarm. I met Brock at 6 and we jogged up to University School and then used their track for some speed work. It was about 1.2 miles to get there. We decided to just do 1 mile since it was our first time doing speedwork. We basically ran 400 hard, then walked/jogged to recover and did another 400 hard when we got back to the starting line. There are 2 starting lines on the track, so the recovery is only 200. Then we ran home, so 4.5 miles total. This Thursday morning run is not on my plan, but I am including it anyway. I don’t want to only be running 8-11 miles a week which is what my plan calls for. Tonight I have a 45 min ride w/15 min run afterwards.

The weight loss is going pretty well. I am down a few lbs. Not a lot, but I know it’s going to come off slowly anyway. Is it Friday yet?


triguyjt said...

yes..its great that your signed up for a race so soon....
fullspeed ahead...

yes..wear the wetsuit but practice getting out of that sucker....
you will kick butt...

Trishie said...

How exciting!! My first tri (sprint) is this weekend.

Papa Louie said...

congratulations on signing up for your first triathlon! You can get the wetsuit off in no time. As soon as you get out of the water begin to strip off the top half of the suit. When you get to the bike finish pulling off the suit down to your feet and use your feet to stand on the slack while pulling your leg out. You can do this with no hands and not sitting down.
I'm doing the flag city triathlon in Findlay, Oh for my June race. It's on a saturday (june 14).

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