Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 15/84


Day 15 already, yikes! That tri is going to be here before I know it! I am starting to think that I bit off way more than I can chew!?! Ah well, as long as I can get out of the water, I’ll be alright. I had a good weekend, the weather was beautiful! I had a very lazy Thursday(rest) and Friday (just weights!) so I tried to make up for it this weekend. On Saturday I got up early and I rode my bike on the trainer for 1:30 and watched a movie called – The Real Dirt on Farmer John – it was really good. Why was I inside you ask? Well it was humid and threatening to rain and I just didn’t feel like being out on the road! After that I ran 30 mins to make it a brick. The run felt okay, I find I actually start out running pretty fast off the bike I can’t help it, but I quickly slow down. My goal for the race is just to stay around 10 min miles. After 4-5 hours of working out, that will be tough enough. But honestly, I feel pretty good thus far on bricks. So after the 30 min run, I get my bike out and give it a much needed scrubbing. It is full of grit and dirt from the trip to LP and riding in the rain. Then the dogs and I take a nice walk to the library (about 2 miles round trip). After that I headed to the pool b/c I skipped my swim on Thursday due to a haircut taking too long and being upset about that haircut (they gave me a mullet people) and getting hubby to take me to dinner to cheer me up. The swim was okay. I swam 1500 yards. I’m just really not feeling my groove in the pool anymore. I don’t know if it’s b/ the pool is 10 degrees warmer than I am used to or what. Next week the outdoor pool opens and I will give that a try. All I know is I have to start swimming 2000-3000 yards again at least once a week, I can’t let that slide. Train to your weaknesses, race to your strengths as the wise Tea has said in her blog! Does anyone know if there are summer master’s swims anywhere? I’d really like to do some of these outdoor tri club swims but they are all so far away. Once it warms up I will have to swim at mentor headlands every weekend. Anyone want to join me? Say…starting June 14th? In our wetsuits. Wow, this blog is all over the place today. After the morning of monster exercise, I mopped the kitchen and then got cleaned up and G and I ran a bunch of errands. Sat night was an exciting night of….READING! Yep, I am so boring. I am reading a book called “Drowning Ruth”, I like it a lot.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early and met Gina and Ilana to run. It was a wonderful morning, perfect running weather. I was trying something new on Sunday. I had a scoop of carbopro in my bottle to see how the old gut reacts to it. I think it was fine. It got a little too sweet when it got warm. It’s essentially tasteless, but has enough of a taste to be gross. We ran 8 miles around Shaker Lakes, I felt good the whole time and it is so nice to run with people you really enjoy talking to, the time just flies by. We had to take a quick stop around mile 7 to check out the baby Canadian geese and giant koi in the shaker lake! I love living so close to such a nice place to run. I’m glad that after 6 weeks off and then struggling for 3 weeks that I am finally back to 20ish miles a week with no issue. I ran 18 miles this week. I’d really like to get to 20-25 a week and stay there until its marathon training time. The foot still hurts a little, but it’s been after my runs not during and I’ve been doing pretty well with stretching it out on the steps. I am going to go and give ART a try very soon. Need to get the number of the guy Daisy Duc uses. After the nice run, I went home and got the hubby out of bed and we headed to Holden Arboretum to check out the rhododendron garden. Unfortunately, I think we were about 2-3 weeks late b/c a lot were starting to brown, but it was still a glorious day and we got some good pictures that I will post later. We walked around that garden and checked out the lakes for frogs and saw sooo many cute frogs. I could stare at animals all day I find them so interesting. In another pond we saw the 3 biggest water snakes and sat watching them for awhile. We also went on a pretty strenuous hike through the woods and I am a dork and of course wore my garmin, so I know we covered 4.5 miles, we walked the dogs over a mile when we got home. So, 13 miles in on Sunday for me! Not bad. This morning I was tired. So, I slept in. Monday is supposed to be rest day, but I am going to make Saturday rest day since I have a race this weekend! (so nervous). So tonight I will lift weights. I have to take my bike to the shop today, so I might be forced back to spinning class. The ball bearings seem to be off and really something is just wrong with my bike.

Did I mention my bad haircut? Seriously people I just wanted to cry. I love my hair and I have often times thought about chopping it off. Mostly b/c these 2 gals that work at my hair salon have the cutest short short haircuts. I myself had short hair for 7 years, but it’s been about that same amount of time since it was short. Anyway, my hair had gotten really long, so I told my hairdresser, who usually does a great job, that I wanted it shoulder length and that I wanted more of a bang layer, but wanted that layer long enough to go behind my ear and I still needed to be able to get my hair in a ponytail. Well she cut this funky layered cut and I do have a layer that is shoulder length, but it is so thin and mostly in the back! So, I have what appears to be a chunky chin length bob with a long layer underneath. It’s awful. I can’t decide if I want to go get someone to cut the long layer off. I really don’t look good with chin length hair though b/c I have a full face. What to do, what to do. The worst is that she cut the layers in the back really short so I can’t really grab it all up into a ponytail, so I am stuck with this little woosy ponytail and the rest pushed back with a headband. It’ll take months to undo this damage! Maybe this is a sign that I should just go chop it all off again…. I just know that as soon as I do that, I will want to grow it out again.

And I don’t usually watch award shows b/c they are stupid, but nothing else was on last night and I was reading and needed background noise (can’t do just one thing at a time here!) and had the MTV movie awards on. Seriously, Transformers won best movie? Over Juno and Superbad? What the hell. Now I know the youth of today is really F’ed up. I couldn’t even get partway through that horrible movie and I’ll watch anything!


Trishie said...

I know what you mean about biting off more than you think you can chew.... during the 15 mi bike ride yesterday (the sprint tri), I was like 56 miles of THIS? Am I CRAZY? And then, yes, I remembered, I AM crazy ;) ... you'll be great! Do you have a place where you get drills for your trainer? Right now I just kind of play w large gear intervals, small gear intervals, single leg, etc.

triguyjt said...

monica.... know how to manipulate the hubby for those nice little dinners??? hey, I am usually the one to say..lets go eat... why is food at the root of all this stuff...

your training is going very well.. and thanks for the link on trish..she had a great race...
as will you when you start...
headlands on the weekends? we start on tuesday at fairport in about 3 weeks...

DaisyDuc said...

Bad haircuts are the WORST. I remember one in particular where I came home and cried.

I am psyched for the opening of the outdoor JCC lanes. Maybe that will help motivate me to swim!

Tri to Be Funny said...

dude--love the schizo post! All over the place :-)

Trishie said...

Thanks for the shoutout, Mon! What do you recommend to get better on the bike? Do I just need more time on it? I did those single leg drills on a large gear -- I was sweating BUCKETS! Hope you figure out your hair -- I had one with "layers" -- except there were just two and they weren't blended at all... I ended up just getting the bottom "layer" cut off.

KBULL said...

Carbopro-Make it the night before and stick it in the fridge. Before you leave put ice cubes in it. For HIM and IM distance races (or long bike rides) freeze it the night before. That shit is NASTY when it gets hot!

GP said...

You are going to rock that tri like the tri has never been rocked before! And your haircut, which looks great no matter what you say, should cooperate all the way.

Thanks for inviting me out on Sunday. Talk about a beautiful and fly-by run. Eight miles have never gone by faster and smoother.

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