Friday, June 20, 2008

I fart in your general direction

Okay, how many of you get this picture? If you do, I love you. It's friday. Can I just put this week behind me? I haven't done this litte in the way of excercise in a long time. And you know what? I hurt! Seriously, I'm all sore and creaky. My body expects to work out and it didn't and it doesn't like it. I don't like it. I feel out of sorts. I am running 9 mile tonight and I am happy about that. The lovely Iron G will be joining me, which is always fab.

Exciting things happenings at the Nowac house. We were contemplating moving to AZ due to a job offer, but that isn't going to work out due to finances (paycut for the job). But that has caused lots of late night talk, not getting to sleep early enough and general huffapuffs in our household to get me out of sorts and out of my routine. But we decided no AZ, but we are going to sell our house and move somewhere else in the Cleveland area. Which is very exciting. I love looking at houses on the web, fun stuff. I can't wait to find OUR house. Gary had a house when I married him and while it is certainly our house, I look forward to picking one out together and decorating one together. And then having a HOUSE WARMING PARTY!


tracie said...

omg! i seriously had a mini panic attack when i read you were moving to AZ. then i read more. whew!

good luck with the house hunting! :)

Eric said...

Are you also going to chop down a tree with a herring?!?!?!


JenC said...

We are no longer the Knights who say "Ne",...

Where do you think you will settle in the Cleveland area?

Tri to Be Funny said...

Here's to a great week! Glad you're having fun looking at homes!!

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