Friday, June 27, 2008

ready to get out of heeerrrree

Isn’t Friday just the best day ever? Saturday’s are great and all, but Friday has that little gleam of hope. That little kernel of happiness that you get in the pit of your stomach around 4 b/c you know the weekend is almost here! I am very very very much looking forward to this weekend. My dear friend Mindy is coming to see me. Mindy and I met about 7 years ago. Shortly after I had graduated college and shortly after she had moved to Cinti from Nebraska b/c her boyfriend was there going to Mortuary College. We met at a Big Wu show. Something you may not know about me, I used to be such a jam band fanatic. I saw Phish over 70 times (boy I miss those guys). Anyway, I had just gone through a horrible breakup. I was quite frankly a mess. All I did was go out and party. I worked at a bar and had no “real” job prospects. Anyway, Mindy came up to me and we talked and somehow exchanged numbers. After that show, she started calling me and I just didn’t have it in me for a new friendship, I didn’t want to call this girl back and she kept calling so I thought she must be a little weird! In fact, we joke b/c I thought maybe she wanted to date me at first. But long story short I did call her and we ended up being fast friends and she is one of the best friends I have ever had and when I moved to Cleveland I missed her everyday. But she’s the type of friend, no matter how far apart you are, or how long to go without talking, you know they are always just a phone call away and every time you see them it’s as if you just saw them the week before. I love my Mindy and am looking forward to a nice weekend with her. Unfortunately Mindy is moving back to NE with her hubby and I am very happy for them, but very sad for me L Looks like I’ll just have to go to NE every now and then. She won’t get here until late tonight, but tomorrow I am going to take her on a run up to Brandywine falls. Then I think to the west side market where we can get food to make for dinner. I’m thinking after dinner, we’ll head to chagrin falls for a little window shopping and some wine at the wine bar weather permitting. Sunday will involve brunch at Lucky’s for sure and maybe a yoga class. I took a half day from work today, so I get to leave here at noon and go clean my house and take a bike ride too. 2.5 hours to go! Then I’m free. For now.


Just Josh Funk said...

Sounds fun. I hope you and Mindy have a great time. She sounds fantastic. But there's just one thing...

if I ever come visit - are you going to make me go out on a run?? !?!?!

Tea said...

Have a blast! What a great friend you have. :)

(btw-you don't have to take GU with water. I've been in situations where I've had to because I was out, so I'm used to it now).

B Bop said...

...and whole foods is on the agenda I suppose. Nice to see you and meet Mindy.

From now on you can refer to my new steed by her name....Tela (Tela Sol is her full name).

Yes, her name was influenced by gamhendge. I mean, after I test rode her there was a post-hiatus phish show playing in the bike shop, so I suppose you could say Trey named her, with a little help from someone at Bike Authority.

Trishie said...

Have a wonderful weekend, Mon! (love that picture -- too cute)

triguyjt said...

i amsure you had a great weekend with mindy.... its go cool to reconnect and hang out like that....

I wonder how many of those huge glasses of brew did you guys have the night you took that photo???

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