Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It's the things you cannot see (day 24)

Last night Beth was kind enough to let me tag along and swim at the lake by her parent’s house. I was afraid it would be really cold b/c of the rain, but luckily it wasn’t. I must say though…the fear is now there! Which is such a bad thing. I just can’t stand to have my face in the water for very long. I need to see what is going on around me, I don’t have the blind faith that I am going in the right direction. Beth swan horizontally along shore about 200 yards out between 2 buoys a few times. I swam out to the first bouy and back and forth to shore. We were in the water maybe 30 mins. I just kept trying to get myself to freestyle stroke for 10 counts and then look up. I need to figure out how to just keep going. I believe I am a fast swimmer, the fear just gets me and I stop. I don’t like when the temp changes, the color changes and I keep picturing what I cannot see like these things:

I know, I know it’s irrational. But I am someone who cries when I see a spider and I have let this fear get a hold of me. I will get over it, I just need to keep getting in the water. It stinks that I don’t have easier access to a beach. There are several tri club swims but they are all super far away from me. I am going to join my neighbor in a 50 yard pool weekly to swim starting next week. I think that will help with my stamina at least.

Once I got home, Gary and I walked the dogs and then ran 4.25 miles. It was a decent run, but I was feeling slightly nauceous; I had all day yesterday. I feel better today though. I got up this morning and lifted weights at home. I have this great AB burner DvD and did that, hardest 8 mins ever! Tonight G and I need to mop/vacuum our house b/c we sent some rugs out to get cleaned and they come back tomorrow. Afterwards I will ride my bike for an hour and run 20 mins afterwards. Tomorrow is an AM 6 mile run, PM 20-25 mile bike. Friday is weights/swim. Sat is long bike with G and an afternoon open water swim somewhere. Sunday I am riding the GTC course with Jen early and will need to run at least 6 miles afterwards.

Then off to G’s dad’s house for Father’s day. Sunday I think will be tough. The commercials and greeting card sections have been getting to me. We never did a whole lot for father’s day, but I certainly would have talked to him. What I wouldn’t give to just be able to talk to him one more time.


Just Josh Funk said...

Hey there. I am the same way about swimming in oceans and lakes. It's totally safe, though. Mind over matter!

I'll be thinking of you on Father's Day.

Love, Josh

tracie said...

you can do it!!!!

i know it!

we'll practice the open waters together! :)

Tea said...

You more you do it, the easier it becomes. You can do this!

triguyjt said... can do this...

your mind is powerful..
and so are you...
let your mind visualiz the success of conquering the water...

i am lucky to have access to the beach..and last night we got in 45 minutes...

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