Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Give me a cheez it

I ran! This morning! 2 miles! Okay, it wasn’t the best 2 miles ever, I took two tiny walk breaks, but for the most part I felt good. My foot hurt. But I don’t really think it’s not going to hurt. I have rested it for 20 days and the arch still hurts. The PT wasn’t able to give me any real answers, Dr. Shah said I can run on it. So, I am going to run on it, just not 30 miles a week. I am going to shoot for 15 miles a week for awhile. After the 2 miler, I did my abs DVD. Tonight is master’s swim. Gary is going to his dad’s after work so I think I will take the dogs for a 45-60 min walk so I don’t feel bad about them being alone all night.

Last night Gary and I went to see “Ironman”. I give it 2 thumbs up. Very funny, exciting and enthralling. Robert Downey Jr. is dreamy. Who knew? My sister did, she lurves him. Before the movie, I rode my bike for 10 miles and made some yummy Jenni O turkey cutlets. It was a good night.

The diet is going well. I have been planning out all of my meals and logging them. My pocket sugar glider keeps me snacked. I should get my first reward this week if all goes as planned. I think I am going to head to target and buy a new sports bra or running top.


trishie said...

Glad the run went well! Yay Icanhascheezburger. It truely is the world's best website.

triguyjt said...

hey...bit by bit..you will be back...hard to have patience..but you will get there...
gotta see Ironman......

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