Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best laid plans was a start over day. Not that I haven't been running, I have, but I've been doing little else. And mostly I've been running long, so I am not working out a lot. So, today I was going to go to spinning and lift weights before hand. But alas Taiko had other ideas.

Around 2 am I hear the familiar grunts. Tai standing by the side of my bed, grunting under his breath that it's time to go potty. Now usually this doesn't happen until 5 or 6am. I am lying there and I hate to not take him b/c how would you like it if you had to wait for someone else to let you pee. Gary never gets up, he sleeps through the monkey grunts. Then I realize - oh shit - Gary told me to let them out before I went to bed and I didn't! That means the monkey hasn't been potty since his walk at 7pm. I am a horrible mother. So I get up and take them out. When I get back G is up and I tell him what happens and he says he let them out last night. So, I don't know why Tai had to go, but regardless, I get back in bed and I CANNOT for the life of me fall asleep. I lay there thinking and worrying and planning and doing all kinds of stuff you should be doing from 2-4 am. I think I finally fell back asleep in the 4 o clock hour only to be woken up by Tai again around 6 b/c he had to pee again. ARGH. So, I crawled back in bed and realized I missed spinning and tried to sleep, but just kept tossing and turning and I stayed in bed until 7:40. Just an ugly morning. I feel fine right now, but I'm sure later in the day it's going to hit me. Blah.

So, this means tonight I must run or bike or swim or do something! Anything!

I am going to have one great weekend. But busy. On Friday after work I am driving down to Cinti to see my best friend Mindy. She is moving to NE on Monday so this will be the last time I will see her for awhile. I'll stay with her and we'll have dinner and go for a run Sat morning. Then I have a baby shower for some old dear friends that I have not seen in awhile and we've been bad about staying in touch, but I just love them. It will be great to see them and catch up. Then I will head to Danville and see my mom and sister and stay there until Sunday afternoon. Then I am going to head to Bloomington IN to see my dear friend Jane who had a baby in June. I haven't met him yet and I can.not.wai! So, I will stay with her Sunday night and then head home on Monday. It's going to be great. I cannot wait.



safe travels this weekend!

tracie said...

have an awesome weekend and travel safely! :)

triguyjt said...

enjoy your travels......

and btw tropic thunder was alot of fun.... alpa chino !!! I love that!!!

N.D. said...

I HATE when that happens when you can't fall back asleep. Hope that you got in something to keep you sane! Nice job on the long runs that you've been doing! So, when I've been running, yes, my pace is slower. It is mainly slower now I think bc of my knee injury, but in the 1st trimester it was slower just because it was tiring. I'm thinking I'll just be slower from then on, but I can't tell with the knee if this is my now pace.
(About 1:30 per mile slower) - I think I could go faster if my knee wasn't an issue!

goooooood girl said...

i like......

Just Josh Funk said...

I can't believe you sleep with that big ol' dog. We sleep with little Galileo, and even he's a bed hog! It is so sweet, though, to wake up with them in the morning. Good luck getting back on track! You're a champion.

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