Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just taking it easy....for once

What a gorgeous weekend we have been having. This has been such a great summer in cleveland. You couldn't ask for better weather. On Friday I called in sick (playing hooky!) and met my friend Sara to go run on the towpath. She is training for Columbus. She's been running for years, but this is her first marathon attempt and she is going to do awesome. I haven't been feeling well, as I said, so I decided just to listen to my body and take it easy. Since Sara is a bit slower than me, this was easy, I just ran with her and resisted the urge to speed up. I ran 4.5 out with her, and then decided to walk a bit and meet her when she turned around. She was running 8 out. I ended up walking a little over 2 miles before I met her and then ran back with her. I believe I ran about 11 and walked about 4. It was really amazing to walk for awhile on the towpath, I am always running there, so I miss all the good stuff. We stopped at the beaver marsh and scouted for some beavers. We saw an awesome baby pheasant that came right up to us. I rescued a giant fat neon green Caterpillar from the fate of being run over by a runner or biker (i freaking love Caterpillar), I saw lots of turtles and took time to take in the scenery. It was a lovely day and then we capped it off with a yummy breakfast at Yours Truly. Afterwards I was beat, and I napped and read all day long. It was great. When G got home we went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant Mitchell's Fish Market. It was a late celebration for my promo/birthday.

Saturday I took a long walk, ran a bunch of errands, did a lot more reading/lounging/olympic watching and chilled out. That night we went to our friends house for a cookout and we watched the women's olympic marathon, boy did the winner have a great lead. It's amazing to watch how fast they run and how they take in their nutrition. Crazy.

I started today off with a 5 mile run & 2 mile walk. I walked up to a coffee shop that is 1 mile from my house and met my friend Ilana, then we ran 5 miles, then I got a nice latte and headed back home. Now I am waiting for G to get up and guess what I'm doing? SItting on my porch lounging and reading. We are going to his dad's house today for yumm salmon and to hang out. Life is good. Do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?


N.D. said...

I love running with friends and training! When is the marathon - are you still training?

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