Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I got nothing. Nothing of interest to say. I had a lot more to talk about when I was trying to do a HIM. Now that i tucked my tail between my legs and decided it's not doable for me right now, I have so much less to say. I will say that I am excited for Akron. I am such a better runner than I was when I did Cleveland in May of 07. My goal is really just to finish in one piece, feeling good and strong. I was in bad shape at the end of my first marathon due to a hellacious blood blister and stomach woes. I know in my head that I should be able to finish easily around 4:10-4:20. My secret goal is to break 4:20, but I'll be happy under 4:30, as my first marathon was 4:42.

I have a half marathon next month. I really want to race it and rock it. I finally broke 2 hours at my last half marathon last Nov. I barely broke it at 1:59:23, but this year I hope to get in around 1:55. I would be thrilled and if the clouds align that day it might just happen.
Last night we had a work happy hour, it was fun. Tonight G and I are having dinner with friends tonight. Tomorrow I am meeting Sara after work to run up Squaw Rock Hill at South Chagrin. Our new friend we met Sunday Karen will be joining us. I guess I need to get on my bike tonight or tomorrow morning. I have really really let my crosstraining slide the last 3 weeks and it makes me sad! No ones fault but my own, time to get back to it. While I am not training for a tri right now, I do hope to do the red flannel metric century and I do hope to improve my swimming. So I need to get my shit together. I've fallen like my hamster friend.
side note - don't you just love his little teeth! Growing up I had several rats as pets, the most notable being Conan. Conan was so loving and a really great pet. We had him castrated b/c his balls were gigantic and would hang down your shoulder. My vet thought we were crazy, but they fixed him anyway. Conan lived to the ripe old age of 4. But what made me think of him were the teeth. Ooohhh conan would never chew his down, so my mom actually cut them with these dog toenail clipper thingies and I used to have to wrap him in a towel and hold him why she did it. The whole time I would be freaking that she was going to cut his tongue. It was traumatizing for me, probably worse for conan. My mom can pretty much do any vet activity.
Hmm, I don't know I guess I had something to say.


Trishie said...

I think you can definitely take 5 minutes off of your HIM time :) As for your marathon: I dropped 42 minutes from my first marathon to my second .. I think a 4:20 is well within your reach!

Anonymous said...

Cool pic. But I have a question. It looks like your rat/hamster/has like 6 legs. Or am I mistaking something else as a leg???

Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with our upcoming races! And don't feel bad about dropping the HIM.

Just Josh Funk said...

Oh my gosh! You guys and your animal shinanigans!

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