Sunday, August 10, 2008
Happy Sunday bloggy friends. Nothing too exciting going on over here at our household. G has been watching the Olympics for pretty much 46 hours straight. I on the other hand have sport ADD and do not enjoy the Olympics. I tried really hard to watch the opening ceremony, but was not enthralled at all at all the dancing around acting like a typeset key. So, I decided watching a report of I Love Money on VH1 was a much more acceptable way to spend my friday night, so that's what I did. Oh VH1 Celebreality gods, thank you for brining me such trashy goodness.

On Sat morning I had an 18 miler on my schedule. My friends were going to do 14 with me at the towpath and I was driving my new friend Karen there b/c she is new in town. So, I decided to do my other 4 before meeting them, I hate to break up my runs, but I figured 40 mins in between wouldn't make too big of a differnce I hope. I ran the 4 miles around my neighborhood at a pretty good clip. I saw a guy hop off his bike and pee in the front lawn of a mansion on South Park, classy. Once done with my 4 miles, I picked up Karen and we rode down to Boston Store to meet Sara, who is training for Columbus. Since her race is a few weeks later than mine, our schedules are 4 miles apart on the long runs. We headed from Boston store towards Peninsula with a plan to turn around at 5 miles, so we'd have 10 when we got back to our cars, we'd get some food/water/bathroom and then head the other way towards Station bridge for the last 4. I'm a bit faster than Sara, so Karen and I were ahead of her and totally distracted b/c some jackass was shooting a gun near the path, so I messed up and we didn't turn around until 5.5 miles and then we spent the next 5 miles worrying about where Sara was b/c we kept thinking eventually we would run into her since we were running faster. We never passed her and we got back to Boston Store and she wasn't there, so then I got worried! We headed out quickly for the last 4 miles and I just knew I would have to run into her b/c she'd turn around and come back towards Boston Store, but never ran into her. So, I was getting panicky after I turned around at 2 miles to head back to the car and at last I ran into her about a mile in. She had stopped to go to the bathroom in Peninsula around mile 8 and we passed her at that point. Doh! So, she stil had a ways to go, so I ran back out with her and then back to the car for a total of 15 miles, so 19 total for Sat. It felt good, I felt strong. I know I can easily keep a 10 min pace for 20 miles, but can I keep a 9:30? I just don't know. I don't want to start out too fast and kick myself later in the game. What to do, what to do. It was a beaufitul day on the towpath, around 72 degrees, sunny, clear skies, we saw lots of deer and a heron. After the run we had breakfast at First Watch in Hudson, yummy blueberry pancakes! That evening G and I went to a party at a friends house. It was a great day.

This morning G and I got up and rode about 20 miles. It wasn't nearly as hard as I thought it would be. My legs felt okay for the most part. The rest of today has been spent lounging around. I did run some errands, but I have been laying in bed while G watches Olympics and I read gossip rags. Perfect weekend!

Congrats to all my peeps who participated in the Greater Cleveland Triathlon. Sorry the swim got cancelled! I hope you had a good race regardless. Tracie, Jen C, Kim, Gina, Beth, Janet I hope you rocked it!


Just Josh Funk said...

I don't like the Olympics either. Alan, on the other hand, is glued to the tv. Am I a bad American?

Brian said...

With my gimpy hand I also am glued to the olympics.

You should be fine with all the training you have been doing for a 9:30 pace.

Trishie said...

If you can hold a 10:00 pace for 18-20 mi, I think you can hold a 9:30 come race day :)

triguyjt said...

way to hold that pace...awesome....

you can slide down to 9:30 pace..I think for the looong race

ramblings of a runnner said...

hey - just so you know - i think the "gun" you heard - was probably by the cornfields south of peninsula... If so - that is either a recording - or blanks being shot (i'm not sure which) but it is to scare away the critters - so you'll hear that most of the time when you run through there - so don't be scared.

DaisyDuc said...

Thanks for the good vibes!

Sounnds like a nice weekend. You and your love of trashy tv just cracks me up. I am certain if my hubby was not the remote king I would be just as bad!

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