Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Toxic Tuesday

Yesterday was a much needed rest day. When I got home from work, Gary and I walked the dogs, then he decided he wanted to go see a movie. You never have to twist my arm to go see a movie and on Monday’s you get free popcorn and a $5 ticket to any Cleveland Cinema. So, we tend to see movies on Monday. Anyway, he really wanted to go see Batman. I already saw it, but I agreed, b/c well I like free popcorn. I have now spent 6 hours of my life in that movie. It was still good the second time around, but painfully long the second time around. Boy, Heath Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker. He was just psychotic.

This morning I met Ilana and we ran a little over 5 miles then walked back to her house for a total of 6 miles. It was a very slow run, what I like to call a quicksand run. My legs felt so heavy and I just couldn’t seem to get into a groove and move forward. But after about 2 miles my legs woke up and things were a little easier. But I need to do laundry badly, so I wore a cotton tshirt and it was so humid out and a little rainy, so the stinky tshirt was just sticking to me and hanging so low. What did people do before wicking fabrics? We’ve become spoiled. Imagine people used to run marathons in cotton and without any kind of nutrition. I can’t imagine, after 10 miles I get really fuzzy if I don’t eat a gu or two. Maybe it’s mental, but 10 miles seems to be my limit without aid. Although I always drink a ton of water. Everyone I run with they never bring water unless it’s a double digit run, I am thirsty 1 mile into a 2 miler. But it works out fine b/c I totally don’t mind a handheld bottle, a waist pack or a camelback.

Tonight after work I have a work happy hour. As much as I loathe my job, I like my coworkers, so that’s saying something! Then I need to do some weights/abs, so I better just stick to one drink!


Just Josh Funk said...

I can't believe you sat through Batman twice! It was good, but I was squirming in my seat the first time around. Oh, what a girl will do for free popcorn!

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready so come on lets go!

I'm listening to some old school hip-hop. Sorry!

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