Monday, August 4, 2008

Manic monday

I had typed up a blog and it erased, grrrrr, blogger, grrrr. I overslept this morning and had such a bad hectic morning trying to get everything together and be ready for work in 15 mins! I had a conf call at 8 am and got up at 7:45. So, I needed to be in my car by 8 and on my cell, I managed to make it happen, but it's an awful way to start the day.

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Cleveland. I don’t think I could have asked for more perfect weather. Sat. Sara and I volunteered from 12-4 at the Burning River 100. That was pretty cool, very different from a road race; those ultra runners are a different breed. It was interesting to see their crew and all the supplies these folks needed. E-Speed did a great job of organizing our outpost which was at mile 56 and 60.6, right at Boston Store. Sara and I took care of refilling runners bottles with their beverage of choice: soda, water, heed or Gatorade, sometimes a combo. I had the pleasure of meeting a few fellow bloggers – Trail Goddess Kim and Mike from Fat to Fit. So, that is always fun. Afterwards I was pretty zonked from being in the sun and on my feet. So, I didn’t get any workouts in, ugh. But G and I went to Panini’s in Coventry and had 1 drink and enjoyed the nice weather.

Sunday morning I got up bright and early for my 16 miler, which ended up being 17. I was out my door at 7 and did a few laps in my neighborhood to get in 3 miles, then I headed north up Fairmount to Arabica, exactly 1 mile, to meet Sara and Ilana. So, for you people that are bad at math, I got 4 in before meeting them. Then we ran around Shaker Lakes. Ilana ran 8 with us and then Sara and I finished up 4 more without her. It was a great run, I felt strong, I wore my camel back the whole time and barely knew I had it on, I really like this thing. I got a women’s running specific pack and it’s great. After Sara and I were done, we had some coffee and a bagel at Arabica, and then I ran the mile back home. Umm running with coffee and a bagel in your belly. Not so fun.
Today I am barely sore! Aside from having a really hard time getting up this morning I had no ill effects from such a long run, sweet.

After the run I went home and napped. Gary and I were going to do some housework, but it was such a nice day, we decided to run errands and go to the driving range instead. First stop was Chagrin Falls b/c I needed to buy a gift at a shop there, and then we got some caramel corn at the popcorn shop and ate that by the falls. We had fun checking out all the pooches. Then we headed to Punderson State Park and Gary putted and hit balls at the driving range while I lay in the sun and read. I am finishing up “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. It’s a good book, very well written, but I am not enjoying it, it’s just too depressing to know that societies like that exist. It’s so hard to relate and be okay with other cultures when they allow such atrocities.

Oh another plus from this weekend! When we were running this couple stopped us and they are new to town. The gal is running Akron and we’re the exact same pace! Yeah, I know people running Akron, but they are all a lot faster than me, so it’ll be great to know someone else out there around my pace. Yeah.


tracie said...

congrats on the great run!!!

i hope your monday gets better!

Just Josh Funk said...

Wish it was Sunday....

Sounds like you had a nice run. It's always great to meet new friends! Here's to Akron!

JenC said...

Good to see you Saturday even if it was in passing. Great job on the long run!

Kim said...

Wow you had a busy weekend! Thanks for coming out and supporting us crazy ultra runners. Boston Store certainly was hot, and I heard it was really busy with the runners and the public!
It was good to meet you!

allanjel said...

I am very excited to hear your training is coming along so well! One more week and I can switch back to running as they have canceled GLE. Hey $3 for Pen. Glen 5k tomorrow night in Kirtland.

Brian said...

thought i saw you. i wasn't sure if that was you or not at the boston store.

good job on the long run. quit sleeping in slacker.

E-Speed said...


Thanks so much for all of your help at the aid station Saturday! You and Sara did a great job with those drinks! I hope you'll come back next year :)

Sounds like the running is going well! Hope the week gets better!

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