Friday, December 24, 2010

Power Yoga X - Week one recap

This morning I got up at 6am so that I could get through most of the 90 mins yoga DVD before Harper got up. I got through about 70 mins before she got up. I am not new to yoga. I honestly wasn't looking forward to a 90 min workout, it just seemed too long. But it went by quickly. You basically spend the first 30 mins doing a chataranga vinyasa flow with various version of warrior thrown in, then you move on to standing balance moves, then down to the floor for some yoga abs, then some bridge and wheel and plough moves, then cool down stretching. I think Tony's yoga workout is a very well balanced one, it hit all the major moves. My only complaint is that he calls some of the moves names that I don't believe to be correct. But maybe I am wrong and crow pose is also called crane? He also doesn't tell you the name of a lot of moves and for people new to yoga I think that would be beneficial. You hold all of the moves a decent amount of time, you don't have to flow to quickly. Overall I give it two thumbs up. I originally said to my friend that I was only going to do this tape once and then sub in a 60 min DVD, but I take it back. I am going to stick with Yoga X through the 90 days, it is really good.

Last night I had to do ab ripper X again to complete by day and boy was it tough. I had misplaced the DVD, so earlier in the week I did 2 other ab DVDs that I had to sub in for Ab ripper X. Well i found it yesterday when I was cleaning and did it and boy did I suck. I have done this DVD several times before without a lot of issue. It's 11 exercises for a total of 339 crunches. I will admit that I didn't get through many of the complete sets. My body is just tired from working out this week. I feel beat for sure.

Tomorrow is a rest day and I will do the Xstretch DVD. I also plan to take a short run today and tomorrow and a longer one on Sunday, combined with Day 1 of week 2, back and chest again, ugh.

Week 1 of Power 90x
In a few words - I love it, I feel so much stronger. I feel like I am standing up straighter and my muscles that had gone dormant from doing nothing but running feel awake and engaged. My stomach isn't pooching as much b/c the abs are active under there. I feel great. I am very sore. Not horribly sore though, its not limiting me in any way. But as I do each workout, I can feel the pain a bit.

I will only mess with measurements every 30 days, but I weighed 136.7 on Monday and this morning I weight 135.4. My weight was a bit higher than normal, so I'm sure a lot of that was bloat and sludge from too much holiday food over last weekend. But I will take any loss. I really desperately hope to be under 130 at the end of the 30 days.


jessica said...

I think Ab Ripper is on the end of all the other DVDs too if you let them play . So, no need to hunt around for that specific disc next time ;)

Organic Warrior said...

Great job keeping it up! Have a great holiday!

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