Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A mistake has been made!

A mistake has been made. I went out on my lunch break to get some drugs, fed up with this awful, horrible head/chest cold. I have one of those awful colds where you feel like you are underwater. I couldn’t hear, my head was throbbing, my throat was sore and I couldn’t think straight. I got in line at the CVS pharmacy to pick up some of the good stuff that you cannot buy off the shelves anymore thanks to the ingenious meth dealers. I grabbed a card off the shelf, showed some ID, and walked back to my car with Aleve-D. The D on the box is embolden and red, surely that means this stuff really works! Right on the front it says one pill will work for 12 hours. Great! So, I down one and head back to work. By 2:00 nothing has happened. Nada. My head still feels like it is full of concrete and I can’t seem to get any work done. So, what do I do? I pop another one. Sigh. Now I sick here at my desk feeling like a junkie. I can breathe, oh yes I can breathe, but I am completely tweaking. I hope I come down a bit so I can drive home at 5! If I have to call the husband to come get me b/c I overdose on Aleve- D, I think I may get a talking to. Oh yes a mistake has been made, send help and glow sticks. I am going to go listen to Phish on Pandora now and relive my glory days from 1999-01.


Organic Warrior said...

Lay back & enjoy the ride! Haha-just kidding. That totally made me laugh. I hope you come down soon! Haha-still laughing...

Organic Warrior said...

Oh & one time I took Tylenol Sinus at work on an empty stomach and threw up like 6 times! Yeah, I had to go home.

StarFish said...

Thats hilarious!! Wow, you must be a real light weight to get that effect w/ 2 Aleve-Ds. SO funny. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

jill said...

Yikes...my advice to you--drink some water and flush that crap out..o and get in your bed!! Hope u feel better soon..

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