Monday, January 3, 2011

P90X Week 2 recap

Well I finished off a second week of P90x on Sat. I must say that this past week was a bit half assed. I wasn't feeling well, had a stomach bug, and that made it pretty hard to do the jumpy around warmups and abs. My week looked like this:

Sunday - Rest
Monday - Back/Shoulder
Tuesday - Plyometric
Wednesday - Shoulders/Arms & Ab Ripper
Thursday - Legs/Back
Friday - 8.5 mile run
Saturday - Yoga X & Ab Ripper

So, I skipped Kenpo in favor of a long run and I didn't get one of the ab rippers in b/c of stomach pain. But I am happy with the week. It felt good to have a long run. I haven't run much in 3 weeks and I am looking forward to getting in some miles again starting this week.

Start Weight - 136.7
Week 1 - 135.4
Week 2 - 134.7

I can tell that my stomach is flatter and I am starting to see some definition on my arms already. Tony Horton I love you! I plan to really "Bring it" this week to make up for my halfassedness of last week.


Organic Warrior said...

Great job-its awesome you're already seeing results!

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