Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Husband is a Turd, Happy new year.

Did you have a good new years eve people?! We sure did. Up until the last minute we didn't think we had a babysitter, but then grandpa came through at the last minute. It was raining so going to Progressive field for sledding was out. So, we dropped Harper off at the in - laws and we were free! But what to do? After much discussion about all the places we knew we couldn't get into, we decided to try Marbella on Chagrin Blvd A long time ago I had the best meal of my life at their sister restaurant downtown Mallorca. Both restaurants boast large menus full of Latin inspired meat and seafood dishes and generous portions. Since I still eat fish this was a good spot for me. However my meal at Marbella was a mixed bag. The sangria was fabulous and the calamari appetizer was some of the best, non greasy calamari I have ever had. The bread was gross, cold white bread, the salad was at least nice and green, but nothing special. I ordered crab meat stuff shrimp. The shrimp was chewy and the crab meat was bland and salty. The family style sides of mixed veggies and rice were no better than something i could make at home. Gary however got some giant piece of roasted pork and he enjoyed it, he said it tasted like stew, it was one of the nightly specials. Luckily, like I mentioned, the sangria was divine, so I was tipsy by dinner's end and didn't care so much that I had wasted $27 on shrimp that tasted like it came from Denny's.

Since it was a ugly, rainy night we wanted to head somewhere close to home for drinks. We live very close to Melt Bar and Grilled and decided to settle in there. I was surprised at how slow it was. I guess most people don't want to go to a grilled cheese bar on NYE. However they have such an extensive beer list. I enjoyed 2 different wheat beers, both were pretty good, one was an apricot beer from Pyramid. That was a bad idea b/c it has malt in it and I had quite a hangover on Sat. Boo. We also split the Peppermint sugar cookie bread pudding at Melt and it was just awful. We are bread pudding connoisseurs and that mushy loaf of sugar was no bread pudding. Imposter.

We rang in the new year by finishing up the second half of a movie we couldn't stay awake for on Thursday - The Girl who Played with Fire. We were asleep by 10:30! Happy New year from 2 old farts. Why is my husband a turd? B/c I want to get some decent pictures of us, we have none. Why, b/c as you can see from these photos, this is what he does. His punishment is having the pictures posted on my blog!


Tina Morris said...

That's funny you guys went to Melt because I have been meaning to tell you that Tim and I want to go there the next time we come up! Adam Richman did an episode of Man vs. Food in Cleveland and we have been wanting to go ever since! Take us there next time?

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