Monday, January 24, 2011

Phase 2 of P90x! Start of week 5.

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I made it! Woohoo. The first 30 days of P90x are complete and I now move on to Phase 2. I should have made myself a little hat and gown to celebrate such a momentous occasion. If you ask around, you will find a ton of people who have done P90x, but when you ask a few more questions, you soon find out that what they’ve done, is in fact a few P90x DVDs here and there or that they started the 90 day journey and got only 10 days through. It’s not easy yo. But I am truly loving this journey and I am excited for Phase 2.
First let me reflect on Phase 1. It did not go really how I wanted. I give myself a B-. I was inflicted with too many nasty petri dish daycare diseases. A stomach bug for over 2 weeks and now the head cold from hell, seriously I am snotting fire, oh no that’s just another bloody nose from the damn medicine drying out my sinuses. Out of the 4 weeks I have done so far (really 5, I repeated week 3 after all) I would only give 2 of those weeks an A effort (week 1 and the repeat week 3), meaning I hit every workout and I did it right. The other 2 weeks were relatively half assed. I started this journey hovering on the scale back and forth between 137.6 and 136.4. I have now seen 133.2 or 133.4 for a few days straight. It’s not as big of a weight loss as I would have liked, but I am okay with that. I can totally see a difference in my body. My love handles have retreated from whence they came and my belly is flatter, plus my guns look and feel stronger. I am getting round shoulders! I do plan on sharing pictures, but not quite yet. Maybe after 60 days, maybe after I get back below 130 where I belong. I am very excited about the progress made. For the rest of this journey I am going to commit myself to the diet more, I have not been really watching what I eat and it shows. I mean who ate 2 Trader Joes pumpkin spice whoopee pies for lunch yesterday? That would be me J and I loved it. But what I love even more is being able to wear all my damn clothes, so its 125 or bust people.

Week 5 starts today and I overslept! Again, did I tell you I’m sick? I was up in the middle of the night b/c Harper is having some sleep issues and then I couldn’t go back to sleep b/c I couldn’t breathe. So, the 5am wake up call was not happening. So tonight I try a new arm DVD and I am looking forward to it. I added in 2 lb weights to kenpo this weekend and whoooobooyyy are my arms sore, in a good way. Putting on a shirt hurts and I admit my sadistic butt kind of likes that! These muscles are here to work! I am hoping in this next 30 days I can get down to 128. Things are about to get tougher for me b/c in Feb I HAVE to start running again, 3 days a week. In terms of p90x, that may mean that I skip the Kenpo workout for a long run some weeks, but I am going to try my hardest to just do it all P90x and the 3 runs. Although I will admit I am a yoga slacker, I hate that the DVD is 90 mins and I think I am just going to swap it out for another yoga workout. Mamma doesn’t have 90 mins unless it’s for a 10 mile run.

And Bloggy friends I am raising money through my marathoning for a great cause! How about you skip that $5 latte this week and give some funds to keep an animal happy and warm in 2011!


StarFish said...

Yay! Congrats for making it to Phase II. Sounds like you are seeing some great results so far!

Beware - Phase II workouts are harder! my opinion! The Shoulder/Chest/Tri and Back/Bi.. they are awesome, but get ready to reach failure!

Hope you feel better soon. and can't wait to see your reviews on the new workouts!

Max Burn Weight Loss said...

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