Monday, January 10, 2011

P90X Week 3, day 1 & Virgin Health Miles

Good morning Bloggy friends. I started my day the right way with Back and Shoulders followed by ab ripper. This is the 4th time I have done this DVD. I think I am getting a little better, but I can still only do about 20 pushups and 25 pullups for each exercise. I cannot even fathom doing these pushups on my toes. Maybe I would be better off doing 10 and doing it on my toes? I have found with this tape especially, that Tony talks too much, so if you fast forward the workout really only takes about 48 mins as opposed to 55. I usually do ab ripper in the evening, but I knew that tonight was going to be busy b/c G and I have been cleaning out the basement, so I opted to do it this morning. Ab ripper is so tough. You are supposed to do 25 of each exercise, but I manage about 20. I used to be able to do this DVD no problem, but now that all my muscles are fatigued it’s not so easy. I think standing most of the day is contributing to muscles fatigue as well. Lord knows I haven’t been running!

My company signed up for a year long health initiative called Virgin Health Miles. Basically we got a pedometer and you can upload your steps to the Virgin website. Your steps equate to points. Once you accumulate a certain number of points, you move up a level. There are 5 levels. You also get points for other exercises like P90X, but only 10 points, you basically get the points for logging your exercise. So, today I would get my steps, and then 10 points for Back/Shoulders and 10 points for Ab ripper. Updating your health profile gets you points as well. We get prizes for getting to levels 3, 4 and 5. And then there will be competitions internally that we can get points for. The prizes are TBD. My goal is to get 7K on days that I don’t work out and over 10K on days that I do. I mean I should be walking the dogs for at least a mile a day. Unfortunately standing at my desk and moving my feet does not seem to update my pedometer. Boo.


Organic Warrior said...

Getting points would certainly motivate me! Maybe I should create my own point system for rewards! Hmmm.....

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