Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Winner! And a downer of a post!

And the winners are! Organic Warrier and Clare. Congrats! Thanks for playing everyone. So, I’d like to sing the praises of the CVS Minute Clinic for a minute b/c not a lot of people even know it exists. Did you? It is a doc office at your local CVS! You will see either a medical assistant or a RN. You don’t need an appointment and it costs the same co-pay with most health insurances. Since I started going to CVS I haven’t been to my doctor in 2 years! I still see my lady bits doctor, so I figure this is a fine arrangement. The clinic workers can write you a prescription and you can sit there while it gets filled. I have never had to wait for than 30 mins to get in and I can’t even say that about my regular doc when I have a stinking appt! I love you minute clinic. I got a prescription of anti-biotics which are slowly taking my cold away, but on the downside my stomach is now a wreck. So, I stopped at the store this morning and picked up some probiotics, hopefully that helps.

This time of year is a tough time for me. My dad died 3 years ago tomorrow. You would think time would make it easier, but it really hasn’t. If anything the pain, grief, hole in my heart, whatever you want to call it has gotten worse. I think that has to do with being a mom now. To know that Harper will never meet her grandfather really bothers me. A lot about my dad’s last few months on earth bother me, I said some really not nice things to him, believe me all well deserved but it has hung on my conscious like 20 extra lbs. I don’t remember my last conversation with him and I hate that. When someone dies unexpectedly you find yourself spending way to much time on the shoulda, woulda, coulda's. I wish I had a better picture of his last days on earth, I wish I had picked up the phone, I wish a lot of things. But most of all I wish he was still here.


Nitsirk said...

Hugs! That sucks about your dad. However, I'm glad you are feeling better. I haven't been to a Dr besides my lady doc in ages (at least 4 years). We have a pretty great urgent care place that's open on Saturdays that we use. Our Pediatrician has Saturday hours too which rocks. Thanks for the P90x info. I don't think I am ready to make that commitment. I don't want to give up running and swimming so maybe I'll just get a couple Jillian Michaels DVDs to do here and there.

StarFish said...

Lovely picture of you and your Dad. I can't imagine the feeling of losing a parent. Your post is a good reminder that none of us are promised tomorrow.. so we should be sure to start and finish each day with no regrets and a clear conscious.

I hope you're on the come back trail - health wise.. and I hope you can take some time out today to reflect on some good memories of you Dad :)

Organic Warrior said...

I'll have to keep CVS in mind! Thanks for the great tip!

Heather said...

I don't think this is a downer of a post. I think it's sweet. Try to focus on the good times - that's what you'll want to pass on to Harper. :)

Lora Abernathy said...

That is a great picture of you guys. I agree with Heather, it's not a downer post and, indeed, very touching.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all - As a mom and Nurse Practitioner from the West Side: just wanted to clarify that MinuteClinics are staffed by Master's-prepared, board-certified Family Nurse Practitioners who can assess, diagnose, and treat - including writing prescriptions when appropriate. Their Westlake clinic is fantastic!

Clare said...

i won??? me? cool! i never win these things!

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