Monday, July 7, 2008

Lake Monsters and sunburns

Ahhh back to work. If only there was any other way…sigh. Anyway. Sunday morning I got up bright and early planning on a swim at Mentor Headlands. I was supposed to meet someone there at 9, but she called me around 8:30 and couldn’t make it. Well, I was already on my way there and it’s about 45 mins from my house, so I decided to go on out there and see if by chance there were others swimming. There were not. So, I decided that I was there and there were a few people on the beach, so I might as well get in the lake and put my face in and try and swim close to shore. Please no comments, I know swimming alone is a stupid thing to do, but believe me, my feet could touch and I didn’t go deep. The water was surprisingly cold and I was freaked out from the first toe into the water. Seriously, who is this person! I can’t decide what it is I am afraid of, I don’t think it’s drowning. I guess it’s lake monsters. Since I was having a bit of a freak, I decided to at least breast stroke for awhile and get some sort of workout in. So, I managed to breast stroke about 200 yards down the beach, stopping to stand up every now and then. I’m sure the people on the shore wondered what the F I was doing. After going out, I gave free style a go and was able to get back to where I started, but did stop a lot, I certainly didn’t get into a groove and I wouldn’t call it successful. I think if I had had someone swimming next to me I could have done a little better. But if I am ever going to be an IronWoman, I can’t depend on others for my strength. My issues with OW swimming are just stupid and I hate it. Its one thing to not have the stamina, but to just freak out for no reason…sigh. I sat on the shore for awhile afterwards and thought I might cry, threw rocks into the lake for awhile, tried to just enjoy the sunshine, tried to talk myself into getting back in and swimming some more. But I didn’t. I packed my stuff and headed to the pool. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I only did 500 yards. But at least it was something. Oh and I have a killer sunburn on the top of my legs from our long ride, it is making it so comfy to wear jeans today.

Gary and I had a big day of painting planned, but he has pulled a muscle at some point over the weekend and was in a lot of pain. I know he really hurts badly b/c he actually took aspirin and then later a muscle relaxer. This man hates medicine. So, we basically did nothing. It was nice. I spent a lot of time on the porch reading The Host by Stefanie Meyer. My friend Amy met me at 4 and we walked a little over 4 miles around shaker lakes. When I got home my legs were done. I was supposed to get up this morning and swim with Janet, but overslept due to a restless night. So, I hope to get to the pool tonight. Or it might end up being a rest day, but I am trying to only take one every 2 weeks. I had a good week last week, here were the totals:

Swim – 2400 yards (obviously this needs to go up)
Bike – 92 miles
Run – 24 miles


Trishie said...

I'm afraid of those Snakehead fish from China :P. Seriously, a fear of OW is not uncommon. I think if you keep getting out there you'll get more comfortable... I also think that you'll become more comforable in open water the more confidence you gain as a swimmer. Hang in there and happy Monday.

triguyjt said...

keep going out really will become second nature after awhile...really...

best of luck

Tri to Be Funny said...

ditto to JT...perhaps a swim coach can also help alleviate some of the deep fears.

Brian said...

Practice practice and unfortunately more and you'll be kicking ass. They have a 1 mile and 2 mile open water swim coming up out there. They are 800 meter ovals so you're never too far from shore. That might be a good one for you to get over your fear.

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