Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wade Oval Wednesday

We had such a nice night last night. We have this rad couple Renata & Dave that live across the street from us. R works at one of the museums on university circle, so the plan was for G & I to ride down with Dave to Wade Oval, meet her and then we would head down MLK and into downtown to watch the free concert on public square. Well, we got down to Wade Oval and it was of course Wade Oval Wed ( For those of you who don’t know, Wade Oval has free festivals every Wed night, it’s awesome, a ton of kids are there, if you live in the area you should really check it out. Next weekend the JiMiller Band is playing, I am so there! I am very excited for the Beathles tribute band on Aug 27th too! So, we milled around there, had dinner at the Botanical garden, then ate an amazingly delicious snow cone. Around 7:30 we realized the wind was kicking and the sky was getting a little dark and none of us were too excited about getting stuck downtown in a storm and having to ride home in it (especially on my slowass hybrid). So, we opted to ride around university circle for a few more miles and then biked to Pannini’s in Conventry for a beer and an Indians game. It was a lot of fun. We ended up doing about 14 leisurely miles, although we did have to bike up the giant hill out of Little Italy up to Mayfield, so that counts for something. We made it home right before the rain started around 10pm. Good times.

This morning I was extra sleepy thanks to the drink (1 drink, I am such a lightweight) from last night and had a hard time getting up. Thank goodness I make plans to meet people or I would never work out. Ilana, Brock and I ran up to University School and did some speed work. It’s about 1.5 miles to get there from our meeting spot, then Ilana and I did 4 – 400s with a 200 walk break in between and then 1 -800 (Brock ran 4 -800s, go Brock). I have always been afraid of speed work, but I kind of like it now. I like how my legs burn afterwards and how I am able to really push myself for the last little bit. I suck right now, but look forward to getting better. I am able to do a 400 in about 1:30-1:45. Which keeps me somewhere in the 6-7 min mile range. But my breathing gets really ragged about 200 meters in (there is no way I could maintain that pace for an 800), so I have a lot of room for improvement. We’re going to try and do this every week. So, if anyone in the Cleveland Hts area feels like speedwork at 6am, let me know, you can meet us at the school. Tuesday is the day we plan on doing it, we just got off track this week. I got some new shoes last week at Fleet Feet - Mizuno's, I believe they were the Alchemy's, but don't quote me on that. Anyway, they are stability shoes and I can really feel them under my arch, I am hoping they will get me through marathon training. Unfortunately they are ugly, the soles look like orthapedic nurse shoes :) But since I run in cotton t-shirts, I obviously don't care about style! And hey, yes i have wicking shirts, but who can afford 200 of them? Not me, that's why I do the races that hand them out and unfortunately they are all white and I have a bit too much belly for those shirts right now, they grab the tummy area! So, cotton it is for my morning roll out of bed runs. I'll pull out the nice shirts for races, so I don't look like a total newb :)

Tonight I had a bike ride planned. My riding for the last 2 weeks has been practically non existent. So, I was looking forward to getting 80 miles in this week. So, I wanted to do 25 tonight, but the weather isn’t looking good. If it does storm, I will just get on the trainer and watch a movie, which is fine by me. I also need to find a July tri to sign up for. I can’t do Milton Man b/c I have a hard trail 10 mile race the day before, so I remember being really sore from it last year, so doing a tri the next day is probably a bad idea. So, I need to find one on the 20th. That will be my last one before GTC.


Trishie said...

Yeah, I hear on the getting up super early. my problem is that I can't DO anything really early in the morning -- I can't swim (gym doesn't open until 5:30), I can't bike (balt. roads too dangerous, trainer too loud), and I can't run (balt. roads too dangerous before dawn). I dunno. Great job on the speedwork! Enjoy your holiday weekend!

Brian said...

why not either get orthotics or if you have them put them in your running shoes. I've been doing that for years. You just have to pull out the nice comfy insoles that come with the shoes.

I've had good luck with the brooks stability shoes. But I'm not sure about the women's. Ask at your local shoe store.

triguyjt said...

nice job on beating the rain...lots of people got stuck...

so..your miss little speedwork now..... good for you....
very good actually

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