Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another day in paradise

Ahhhhhh it’s amazing what a nice run can do for your attitude. Yesterday I overslept and I felt yucky all day. I had a horrible head ache and I was nauseous. I totally forgot that I had made plans with Salty to run at North Chagrin after work until about 1 when I looked at my gmail. Uh oh. Then it started pouring down rain, which didn’t really get me excited to run, but I really didn’t want to cancel b/c I had to last time we had plans. So, I raced home to change and then over to North Chagrin. The rain was pouring downnnn. But thank goodness Salty didn’t change her mind b/c she got my butt out onto the trail and we had a great 5.5 mile run. It was wet, it was muddy, but it was a lot of fun. We didn’t run super fast, but I almost managed to get up the bad hill without walking! But the time we were done we were soaked through, but I felt so so much better. My headache was gone and my stomach had calmed down. So, big thanks to my preggers running pal for getting me out there. Girl still smokes me 5 months pregnant! Afterwards, I went home and had some yummy spaghetti and squash and then we walked the dogs. Taiko is still sick, he threw up 3 times yesterday, once on the bed! But his fever is gone. I think the upset stomach is probably due to all the aspirin I’ve been giving him to keep the fever down. But he is still not 100% better. My poor baby.

This morning I got up to run and my running partner stood me up! But I still managed to get 3 miles done and then did my ab DVD and some pushups. Then I spent the rest of the extra time doing some house cleaning. We are having like 30 people over Sat night (any bloggy friend is welcome to come!) and I have to get my house clean! I used the spare 20 mins this morning to walk around with one of those magic erasers and get the dog snot/slobber off of the appliances and walls and clean the guest room. Nice! Seriously, if you have never tried the magic eraser, they are amazing. They get anything off of the wall w/o hurting the paint.

Tomorrow I have the whole day off of work! Oh I have so much planned. On the to do list – run 6 miles, bike 10-20, mow the lawn, mop the floors, do like 20 loads of laundry, then sit on the porch and read and relax!


RunnerGirl said...

30 people coming over? Sounds like fun! Hope you enjoy the day off tomorrow :)

triguyjt said...

magic eraser??? i'll pick one up to get rid of my slobber on the desks at home.....

north chagrin this am...(thurs) still little muddy but perfect in about 75 sons pace has me panting...

hope taiko is okay

The Salty One said...

Get better Taiko!!!

It was fun to be out there on the sloppy sloppy trails with you. We'll have to make another date soon!

Enjoy the day off tomorrow. I'll be sitting in my office seething with jealousy :)

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for the good run!! I hope Taiko is feeling better!

JenC said...

magic eraser rocks!

Hey, did you decide on a distance at GCT? I'm thinking about doing the half.

Hope your doggie feels better soon.

rider eazy-e said...

taiko sounds like me this morning

Steve Stenzel said...

Stupid running partners....

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