Monday, July 28, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Oh bloggy friend where does the time go? I was having such a nice life and then all of the sudden it’s Monday! Ugh. I took Friday off of work and had such a great day. I made it to spinning and yoga class and cleaned my whole house and even managed to lay in my backyard for an hour just enjoying the nice weather. My sister and BIL made it to C-land around 5. Gary had to work a night job. So, the 3 of us had dinner at home and then went to see Batman. I really liked it, a bit too long, but it’s kind of like you get 2 movies in 1. When we got home, it was late. Already 11:30 and we made a ton of racket trying to get my sister to pull her car into our garage properly without hitting any of our junk. I felt bad b/c the neighbors house is right on our driveway and their dog started barking, then so did mine. Ugh. So, I let mine out to shush them and so they could go potty. They are in the backyard by our big giant willow tree and then Mushi comes running towards me chomping on something. I though “oh geez, he’s eating something, what the hell does he have” and I smack him on the bottom a few times and tell him to drop it, drop it! But then I realized, he’s not chewing, he’s foaming at the mouth! Shit. My dog got skunked right in the FACE. Poor guy, it must have been a direct hit to the mouth. I won’t bore you with the details, but the next hour sucked ass as my sister and I tried to scrub his poor face off, as that was the only place he got hit. My neighbor did wake up, but thankfully had some skunk shampoo. But for anyone who has had a pet skunked, you know none of that stuff actually worked. But it worked enough and now my whole house and Mushi smelled like skunk. Sleeping that night was rocky. Sat I was up bright and early b/c Mushi was rubbing his face all over the bed all night. Luckily I was smart enough to put an old quilt on the bed and not leave our duvet on there. Gary got home around 8 am and promptly went to sleep to recover from his night shift. Tina, Tim and I headed to Treemont to work at a fundraiser dog wash we were having for sharpei savers. Then we went to Lucky’s café for brunch and to the west side market. After that we pretty much lounged around and I had a hair cut and then it was time to get ready for the cornhole party. Which was a lot of fun. It was horribly hot out, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and I was glad some of my family got to meet some of G’s extended family. It was a great night and we ended it with smores around a fire! Perfect. Sunday morning we all had breakfast together and then my family headed home. I can’t even tell you how boring my Sunday was, I didn’t do a damn thing. I literally laid on the porch all day and read a book. It was fantastic. I cannot even remember the last time I sat still for so long when I wasn’t horribly sick. So, all in all it was great weekend. Did you have a nice weekend?

Tonight G and I are going biking, I won’t tell you how long it’s been since I was on my bike. But amazingly I have dropped 3 lbs over the last few weeks. When you are short, it’s amazing what difference something as small as 3 lbs can make. Hopefully I can keep up this momentum.


tracie said...

i'm so glad you had such an amazing weekend!!! just what the doctor ordered! :)

have a great ride tonight :)

Mike said...

Skunked! Yikes, I hope the smell is starting to go away. What a mess! Sounds like you had a good weekend other than that! Enjoy the ride tonight!

Steve Stenzel said...

YEAH for sitting still on the weekend!

I gorged my face and did a short little tri this weekend.

Have a good ride tonight!!

Just Josh Funk said...

Glad you had a great weekend. You deserve it.


triguyjt said...

Hope the ride tonight is great and that Mushi is no longer feeling the effects of Pepe LaPew!!!!!

DaisyDuc said...

Poor Mushi...skunked in the face has got to be bad!

Sorry we missed the party. We ended up having to help out the hubbies folks in a pinch and were not able to make it as I would have liked!

DaisyDuc said...

Poor Mushi...skunked in the face has got to be bad!

Sorry we missed the party. We ended up having to help out the hubbies folks in a pinch and were not able to make it as I would have liked!

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